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  1. Does anyone have any experience with amphetamine sulphate? I am thinking of getting a gram the guy who is selling it charges $50/g is that good? I don't have much any experience with amphetamines but I have done coke a few times and liked it. I also rolled 2-3 times. What can I expect? The source is extremely reliable and had informed me that the product is at least 70% if not purer. NOTE: I am talking about straight AMPHETAMINE SULPHATE NOT Meth!:smoking:
  2. hmm sounds fishy, is it adderal, dexidrine? if its pharm grade i dont know why it would be 70 percent pure, should be 100, wouldnt u think? and i wouldnt take any street amphetamine cause who knows what could be in that (probably meth)
    ive done coke and that stimulant effect is alright, i cant stand the crash though, plus its usally cut with more amphetamines which makes it worse
    explain a little more so we know exactly what ya gettin
    im jus a but confused
  3. Fuck amphetamines...Have fun though.
  4. I will be more specific. So I have a very good friend who is an organic chemistry major. He made the amphetamine himself from P2NP a precursor. He explains to me that there is no such thing as %100 pure anything except in advertising schemes by lesser informed people. He got the stuff needed from an actual chem supply house since he has a legit job to order such chems for a synthesis. Any way he has no Mass spectrum or whatever to calculate potency but it has never been cut or anything. I met a guy at his house yesterday who was hyped as hell off it. The Amphetamine could be turned into meth via a methylating agent hence the name MethylAmphetamine=crystal meth, but he has decided he just wanted Amphetamine. Average street amphetamine contains 10-77% Amphetamine. Amphetamine purity is a bigger deal than coke purity if you get busted with over 80% pure Amphetamine you get a harder charge because of the addiction potential. Impurities in street Amphetamine give the user an extra kick(IV) which is desired. The exact name of what he has is Amphetamine sulphate(crystalline powder forum like coke). On the street it is called "Speed". It's not Ritalin or any prescription med it came out of a clandestine lab made with the same process the Hell's Angels use(not psudo and red phosphorus). Since it is fresh out the kettle he told me it was at least 70% pure but likely purer. Here is the erowid Amphetamine vault:
  5. PS: This guy is up on his shit and is a long time close friend. He isn't a trailer park dope cook. I asked how he made it but I got too lost he doesn't just mix this and that but calculates the molecular weight ratios of the solvent, catylist, ect it got to technical for me.
  6. You'll feel completely "sound" in life, no worries in the world when you do it. You'll feel full of energy, talkative, and extremely happy. I'd say when I did it, I have never felt happier. It lasts quite long too, hours upon hours. Your head will feel all tingly, and your body will feel very light. Sleep will be just a dream when on this stuff though. Don't even try to sleep when the time comes around, you'll just lay there with a tired body and an extremely, freakishly awake mind. That's what happened to me at least. The comedown is really not worth it though in my opinion. The next day you'll feel like absolute shit. Give your self at least 1-2 days to recover. Hence the reason I haven't had time to even try it again! Have fun though :)
  7. Cool, I will be sure to get plenty of rest before I am also going to eat like a pig the day before because I have a feeling I wont be very hungry.
  8. Expect a long slow comedown and i can get speed of around the same purity for £20/8th but thats in england and speed is a bigger drug here, we don't get meth really.
  9. speed is ok, you'll be rushing your tits off. don't expect it to feel like coke though, they are totally different buzzes and the speed high will last ALOT longer. i had a speed problem a few years ago, be aware that it is addictive and very moorish so stop when you run out, don't buy more straight away or you could be awake for 4 or 5 days without realising what you've been doing. if it's 70% pure then bomb it (swallow) rather than snort cos it'll burn your nose to fuck.

    you won't eat for 2 - 3 days and the come down is proper dirty man, really fucks with your mind for a few days after.

    have fun! :hello:
  10. I've had blow and recently, Adderall XR experience. Crushed several of those suckers up and ingested them straight. Great Roller coaster like effect for the next 9+ hours. You dont eat for 48 hours. I chewed and tried to swallow, it just tastes horrid to your stomach. It kills every single insecurity and deep rooted worry and you feel like bouncing around 20 different topics of conversation with deep questions and inquiries that you want to fully understand.

    I found that towards the later quarter/end of the high my mindstate went from that of soaring positive and joyful, to negative bleek and dreadful within the same minutes time lapse, over and over and over until its over and you lay wide awake in bed because you think youre exhausted. And your mind is like no bitch im awake.

    It does fuck with your mind for a few days after. I just feel bad in every sort of way mentally and also anti-social and paranoid like a mofo. Give this several days to reside.
  11. wrong-o.
  12. Right! even look at chemicals from a lab supply website none are 100% pure. In any synthesis or extraction there will always be at least one tiny atom of something else.
  13. This is nearly always correct, and amphetamine is notoriously impure 70% is very good.
  14. How Does Adderall XR compare to say fire blow, % wise?

    I'm on 60mg addies right now. Best feeling in the world.
  15. oh im sorry i didnt know were discussing purity on an atomic level :rolleyes:

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