Amoril's Medicine Cab - Master Kaze - Test Grow for MNS / Shantibaba

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    well hello there. This is my first foray into online journaling, but it should be a decent run. We'll start with a little background. First, if you havent seen me around, you should be warned that I dont suffer from a shortage of words...I ramble. So, dont feel bad if you end up rambling in my thread.

    My first attempt at growing was 4-5 years ago. Massive failure. But, I learn from my mistakes (usually), and even though I halted the cultivation, I continued to acquire knowledge on the subject in addition to what I knew didnt work. After feeling like I could have a more successful run, I started back up, and havent looked back. I dream about growing now :cool:

    So, here's whats going on in this journal ::

    Strain : Master Kaze - Master Kush Skunk x Afghan Haze. New polyhybrid offering from Shantibaba at Mr Nice Seedbank, and I was one of the lucky ones who gets to test it out.

    Light : Seedling - 3 weeks old : 156w 6500k cfl + 84w 2700k cfl.
    Late Veg : 156w cfl + 150w HPS
    Flower : 400w Ceramic Metal Halide + 168w 2700k cfl + 52w uvb 10.0 reptile bulb

    Medium : FFOF + perlite and a dash of lime. Started in ~1gal containers. Transplant to 3gal or 5gal later. We'll see.

    Nutes : GH FloraNova grow + bloom in veg. GH FNB + GH LiquidKoolBloom. Molasses and superthrive are also probable on this run, but im keeping it simple, so not much else.

    Cabinet / Tent : Veg is a 22"x24"x48" wooden cabinet that I made myself. It is the old flower box, before I upgraded a bunch of stuff recently. Now, since woodworking is not my forte, I have purchased a small grow tent. Growlab 60. 24"x24"x64". Its a really nice tent btw, 100% PVC-free, etc. Vented with a dual-exhaust to a 8"HO fan. overkill, I know ;) Thus, why man created speed controllers.


    That should cover the bases. Since this strain hasnt been grown out yet, I dont really know what to expect. The seeds for testers went out ~2 weeks ago, so I got ahold of them a few days ago. Germination is already complete on 11/11 that I attempted, pics for proof of life later tonight. These beans were ready to start before I was lmao.

    Since theyre in line for a healthy veg, Im hoping to try tying a few down, and maybe multi-topping a few more, as bonsai is my preferred style. See which responds better.


    And, Ill close with a description of the strain, just so we're all on the same page.

    "Master Kaze (Master Kush Skunk x Afg. Haze)
    This is a limited edition seed that has well established roots in the Afghan dominant side of plant expression. The Master Kush is a proven winner along with the Skunk and Haze sides of this complex hybrid, and the phenotype of this seed are all trustworthy for all levels of grower. A packet of seed will allow for all types of selection and will yield better than average, with the twist of sativa (Haze) influence. A pleasure for those who like complex blends and a range of flavour that may not be on offer from so many other hybrids. For the medical grower there is everything you need in these genetics…it will be down to the individual to select the best mother that will suit all one's needs…the range will be from a strong expression of narcotic Afghans to the euphoria of the Haze ! Expect it to finish to flower between 8-10 weeks, and with a yield of 400 grams-500 grams per square meter indoors and a very heavy outdoor yield. Grown outdoors pay attention to early rains …but a plant most all of us will be content to have in our garden at some stage.

    Heritage:Master Kush Skunk x Afghan Haze
    Category:Exclusive limited editions - New blends of old school genetics
    Family of breed:50% Afghan, 25% Skunk , 25%Haze-Thai /Columbian/Mexican
    Breeder:Nevil and Shantibaba
    Preferred medium:bio and hydro, outdoors/greenhouse
    Expected yield:a yield of 400 grams-550 grams per square meter indoors and a very heavy outdoor yield
    Flowering period:Expect Indoor growing to be between 8 to 10 weeks depending the side to the phenotype you select.In an outdoor grow in the northern hemisphere by early to mid October and in the southern hemisphere by late March to early April.
    Recommendations:Not everyone wants to grow Haze plants since they think it takes a long time, however with this practical hybrid it is simply irresistible.
    Special Notes:This is one of a set of 4 hybrid limited editions that have been recently remade to F1 seed.All incorporate 25% Haze and are excellent practical introductory plants for the new growers to Haze. The flavours and aromas will hook those who grow these hybrids and the yield will be more than one would think to expect. All have excellent medical applications including helping with muscular tension, pmt, ms and appetite stimulation...try it I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised."

  2. Ok, so I threw 11 in dirt on Tuesday, and by Friday I had 10 seedlings. Today, the 11th fell in line, so germination was 100%.

    Not much to show, but the requisite pics to get this rollin

    the last pic is one from something in the flower cabinet now. I just included it because I think this plant looks cool...with the pink pistils and all. Theyve been pink the whole time, and are still assumably viable.

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  3. Cant wait to see that master kaze in flowering brutha!

    But what the hell is that last pic you posted?? That girl has got some beautiful color on her...looks like you sprinkled some big league chew on her lol


  4. lol, I really dont know what that last plant is. It was a seed gifted to me a while ago, and I finally got around to popping it. Im probably going to re-veg it, because she's quite unique. The bright pink pistils, and the smell is some kind of floor cleaner (not pinesol, think industrial cleaner). the trichs are packin on pretty thick, too...., so not a bad deal
  5. I'm hurt. I wasn't able to post the first reply here my friend. LOL

    Looks like the shoe's on the other foot. I hope i can lend as much to your journal as you did to mine. This'll be a good one gang. Better get a seat before they're all gone.
  6. #2 isnt bad ;)

    glad you could make dont go setting the bar too high for me lmao
  7. always interested in watching an mns grow, lucky **** lol best of luck m8
  8. How could I not subscribe to a journal by Amoril himself?
    Good luck, that strain you got sounds really great too!
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    Not sure if that'll be possible. Just about every facet of your setup is remarkably similar to mine. I'll own up to part of that. You'll have to shoulder the rest. LOL.

    Anyone not familiar with MNS or the Limited Edition Exclusive's like the Master Kaze amoril is running, should take heed. A new poly-hybrid offering by Shantibaba himself will surely not disappoint. Many phenotypical expressions to be had and chosen from. Gotta love f1 options.

    Rest assured, our mate amoril will deliver nothing short of his best effort for this round. To put forth any less would surely be blasphemous in his own eyes. By the time this journal is complete, we'll all be turning green with envy. LOL That bar getting any higher?? ;)

    Since you are the only other GC Blade (aside from myself) that i know using CMH, i unofficially propose the beginning of the city's "CMH-user Collective". Hopefully we can help others........."see the light"......... pun intended. Hey, 300+ icmag members can't be wrong. LOL
  10. This thread is going to be as epic as the UVB thread!
    Lets all hope Proty drops by! haha

    I really hope ricard0 or amoril remembers what im talking about.
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    Woooooooah. Them's fightin' words. LOL. I don't think we'll see him 'round here. That would, without a doubt, funk up an otherwise fragrant journal.

    How could we forget "Prot-e-o" and his famous spaghetti-o's? :)
  12. LMAO

    I believe i know to whom youre referring. Havent seen him around much.... Id be shocked if he stopped in lol. not offended, just surprised ;)
  13. well... hello there to you too.
    my my, you are the lucky one aren't you.

    I've considered using a CMH, and now it's up to you to convince me! no pressure.

    k k, I like where you're headed with this.

    I see you like to KISS. I like to KISS too... hmmm where was I going with this?

    climate control is so important. imho you really can't over do it... again, I like your style.

    Nom Nom Nom! So which pheno/traits are you most hoping to coax out of your ladies?


    Welcome to the Journals bro :smoke:

    Good Luck!


  14. lol. MNS is busting out a bunch of new hybrids this summer..... and they all sound pretty damn good. Just hope I do it justice
  15. Damn straight, gonna grab a seat in the back row to watch and learn if you don't mind. Best of luck, bro.
  16. Ricard0 also uses a CMH, you should judge us both. That way, if you try a CMH and dont like it, its not all my fault.

    Well, I dont know what to expect to be honest. Id love something fairly hybridized to be honest, but anything could work. Of the 11, 8-9 of them look rather uniform, and mostly hybrid. 1 of them looks pretty indica compared to the rest, so maybe its a masterkush pheno, which could be nice. but I would like a touch of the haze too.
    sorry I missed your post earlier. you came in a few minutes before I hit the thread last, and I didnt see it. that would make it YOUR bad if Im not mistaken. :smoke:

    Awesome man, Im glad a few people are finding the thread. You dont have to sit in the back row, unless you have a problem with showering. If thats the case, then please sit in the back, and youre more than welcome to come in late whenever you feel it would be appropriate. LMAO.

    Pictures. Well, I had a nice explanation of 7 pics typed up, sorted the pics, and the upload wont work. So, ill try those again later.
  17. lets try again.....

    Pic 1 is a group shot.

    pic 2 is the first one to pop through the soil....also, the shortest of the bunch lmao.

    pics 3 and 4 are the "norm." Theyre the best representation of the average height and development.

    pic 5 is the only plant to show any abnormal development. Thats a 2-finger leaf opposite a 3-finger, but the 3 has a weird scimitar shape.

    pic 6 is the other real short one, showing slightly fatter leaves.

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  18. awe...the cute little babies. lookin good bro.

    btw, are you foliar feeding at all?
  19. I was just stoppin' by to break out the flack guns...... but i see there is an update, so i'll save those rounds for later. LOL

    smoove, don't listen to amoril, he's just trying to pass the buck again. LOL. But i have few complaints on the CMH. The heat factor is the biggest plus for me.... being a cab grower. If you already have a 250w or a 400w HPS ballast, why wouldn't you grab a CMH bulb and see for yourself if they work out for ya? $50 is dirt compared to what you'll get out of it...... even if you wind up preferring HPS/Other.

    amoril, If you don't like that little shorty-Kaze, i'll take her off your hands. ;) Really though, everything is looking nice & healthy. Looks like they're about ready for some real lumens there. Have you started feeding yet? Looks about time for a small dose to me. Damnation..... there's no emoticon for jealousy.

    I must say that 5th pic is quite interesting. But then again, i hear that those who play with scimitars often wind up with missing fingers. LOL

    Keep us posted on your progress. We'll most likely be at the edge of our seats till this one's done.
  20. I dont use foliar feed too much, until I take clones and such. So far, Ive done nothing. Explanation is given in a moment.

    lets see here. No feeding yet, only been watered once since germination at this point even. Im going on a lil trip for a few days this week, so Im trying to keep them uneventful before I return.

    When I get back, Ill toss some more light in the cab to speed things up, and maybe start dosing some real light nutes into the mix. I could probably do it before I leave, but I wanna be here to witness the response, ya know?

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