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Amnesia lemon (Barneys farms )

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by dagobaker, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Amnesia Lemon from barneys farms
    these were from a 12 free seed promo from attitude seeds and its fucking outstanding............damn what beautiful buds
    these smell like lemon pinesol in a sweet credible
    the phone pics dont show how much snow is on these
    wet pics..........dry pics will be danker

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  2. i want some right now.
    fedex me some :p

  3. These were the best freebies I've grown yet
    Do have a bunch new ones coming soon
  4. you going to do a smoke report?
    now that i seen how those buds look im thinking about ordering my first seeds ever from them :)
  5. Good stuff, I love Barney's Farm selection. I'll probably end up growing every one of their strains because I've had great results with the ones I've tried so far which include Morning Glory and Pineapple Chunk.
  6. well the amnesia lemon is a fast and fat and trich covered strain
    with the best smell ive experienced except maybe querkle
    hard to judge the yield so ill say average to good and speed is probably average............but.........haze crosses usually yield low and take forever so this is a winner
    i grew out slhze too........and its miserable to grow
  7. do you think it would do good as a micro PC grow?
  8. #8 dagobaker, Oct 2, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 2, 2010
    get bubbakush from cannacopia from hemp depot
    very bushy with little stretch and dank ass hard nugs
    cooler temps bring on the purps too
    another great strain is sensi star femmed from paradise
  9. going to try out a few smallish nugs tomm.........
  10. pics to come later
    early taste is like a lemon sour patch kid..........high is very upbeat but even body and head
    very bright and lasting flavor
    almost too good lol
    blows my super lemon haze away
  11. Very nice man, send me some :p
  12. Looks soooo dank!
  13. this is a must grow
    just get a few single seeds from attitude and ull be loving it
    best lemon flavor yet
  14. these are the best i can do with a phone
    that clone is going to be the secret to my success

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  15. buddy nicknamed it lemon sour dough

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