ametuer in growin, help!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by T-wolf, Nov 15, 2002.

  1. Can someone please send me a web page that has good lights for sale, and if you dont mind can you recommend some to me? I am sorry to ask this of you guys, you are all
    high right now and im in pain so bad i cannot think straight, i have to grow my own or live with pain and irritation. Please, someone anyone help :)
  2. It sure feels good to be treated with respect, i thank you for it. I have no clue how many i will be growin but this is closet space type of growin, i know the light will cost me 1 months worth of weed which will be pure hell! makes no sense why they outlaw it i tell ya but enough with that for now lets talk more seedy business lol, ive collected these seeds and even babyfied these seeds and smoked a sack of each strand so i know they will be far better than any street quick smoke thats
    partially one of the reasons why im so excited, but i sure thank you guys for giving respect :D if you need me ill be here or at email , thanks guys

  3. anyone have any good grow lights for sale? if so pm me to talk about it, thanks.
  4. thanks guys i sure appreciate it, ill either go for 400w hps or mh, thanks for the help.

  5. gotta say that HPS is a much better all around light that MH.
    hands down.

    if ur just gonna get one...easy pick is the HPS...if u got the $$$...well go crazy and get em both.
  6. I'd recommend a 400W HPS with a Son-Argo bulb if you can find it (has extra 30W of blue light - very good for veg.)
    I second it, awesome bulb. Like they said, if you can only spring for one, go with the HPS.

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