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  1. I pray to God that this isn't in our future...[ame=""]YouTube - War Room: Bubba Effect. Depression, Hyperinflation, Martial Law, Looting, Chaos, America Implodes[/ame]
  2. Glen Beck is really starting to piss me off, I used to like the guy, but his ridiculous rants are beyond me. There is not a civilian force in America that could possibly match up with our military, just relax. Glen Beck would do some good to side with the second amendment and just move onto a different subject, he sounds like an idiot here.
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    Your wrong to think that the civilians couldn't over throw the country. The military does have a lot over the civilians, however the civilians are connected to the military. If you have military members that would rather fight for their family than their country then you lose your military.

    If all hell broke loose (everyone non military decides to fight the country militia style), the US military would not be able to control it. I guarantee that with 100% certainty. This is mostly because in the situation, the military would likely break down before it could prevent the situation from getting out of control.
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    he did this on purpose. He said on Fridays show he would show people the worst case scenarios. It's not a rant, it's what could happen. He pointed out the government prepares for the worst case scenario, why can't the citizens.

    The thing is that the government has betrayed its principles, you would be a fool to deny that.
  5. jaja Silly human, the principle of government is betrayal.

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