Americans Ingest 14 lbs of Toxins per year

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  2. That's what you got a liver for homie
  3. Yup liver.

    "Toxin" is one of the most silly health food fallacies.

  4. lol at this.
  5. I ingest 15 just to make sure I do my share. You can't live forever :metal:
  6. not I....I dont eat fast food often and i mostly eat home cooked meals cooked with little to no oil or grease but im sure i consume about 5 pounds of toxins a year
  7. I know right? Some health food nuts are just silly.
  8. Sounds like a load of scaremongering to me... I wonder how much organic food companies pay them to make this shit
  9. Oh shit, I'm gonna check into a really expensive detox center right now! What's a few thousand bucks to my future health?

    Oh wait, nvm. Just remembered, my liver and kidneys do that for free.
  10. Not sure how much I trust a report from a holistic food specialist. Seems like there might be some bias considering.

    Is the report peer reviewed? I am on the phone and don't really feel like opening it right now.
  11. I'm curious on why it's so hard to believe.

    Ethanol, a.k.a. consumable alcohol, is toxic (in fact the human body considers it as a poison). Just because you consume x amount of liquor, doesn't mean your body stored all of it. All it means is that you're going out of your way to wear out your body's detoxification capabilities faster.
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    Dude, the problem is your liver/kidneys haven't evolved to the point of being able to efficiently detoxify all these modern chemicals. You would need like 5 livers for that.
  13. Source? Any scientific evidence to back that up?
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    Weird.. pretty sure I don't have five livers and I'm doing just fine, and of the thousands I've people I've met not one has died of liver failure yet... o_o you sure 'bout those statistics, or is everyone in my corner of the world an alien?

    Or, even more likely, are you just posting bullshit numbers that you pulled outta your ass? Meh, guess that's the internet for ya.

    Not saying this isn't a problem (it is, our diets and chemical intake are getting worse and worse each year, and it's becoming a bigger issue for sure) but you should check your numbers before stating them as fact, because it just makes you look like you have no idea what you're talking about and then it's hard to believe anything else you say.

    Also, health is a personal choice. If ya want it, you gotta work for it. Yeah, there are people out there who probably WOULD benefit from having five livers, but that's because they're lazy assholes that aren't taking care of themselves.

    The average person is born with everything they need to take on the day. All ya gotta do is keep yourself healthy.
  15. I dont think our liver works as it should.

    Understanding the Liver: Entire Lesson - Hepatitis C

    Medscape: Medscape Access

    Read the links, its obvious that our liver dont work as it should. Although it also says changes have been made to reduce the acetaminophen in pharmaceuticals. How true that is i dont know.

    Op could be talking sence if your liver dont work properly, wouldn't you say.
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    Where are you getting your information?
    What kinds of chemicals?

    I'd be a bit less incredulous if I knew what exactly "toxin" meant in this context.
    What are these studies using as a definition of "toxin" anyway? Anything that can be harmful to the body? Cause that's everything from salt and sugar to msg (which, by the way, is found naturally in chicken and eggplant) to Vicodin. Everything dissolved in piss? Any chemical with a long chemistry-sounding name that might scare somebody? Counting sugar would be a great way to make a scary quantity of toxins, because Americans tend to consume a scary quantity of sugar anyway. Do they count alcohol as a toxin? (should) What about NASID pain relievers? (also should)

    And also, the liver and kidneys don't have like a list of chemicals that they're historically supposed to get rid of. They "know" what's supposed to be in human blood, and ditch the rest. Besides, the entire lymphatic system is dedicated to identifying, marking and destroying or removing new threats to the body, be they pathogens, foreign objects, or toxic molecules.

    I'm not going to say that our modern world contains no harmful substances that people come in contact with now that they never did before. Asbestos, for example. I'm just saying that for the most part, our bodies can handle it. And when they can't, people figure it out eventually, and we stop using that chemical. Just like we did with asbestos.

    But we've come along way since we were decided to use asbestos insulation. Nowadays, for a new chemical to be approved for use in almost anything it must be proven safe. Dangerous chemicals are labeled as such, because the people and companies that make them don't want to get sued because someone assumed their paint thinner was non-toxic and safe to use as eyewash.
  17. The whole "On average" thing is retarded, you either wanna be a fat fuck or you don't, whatever the fuck you have to do to get there, fuck it.
  18. And most food you buy in the grocery store really isn't that bad, especially if you buy fresh meat and vegetables and prepare it all yourself. Stuff like white rice is processed, but it's not really bad for you, it's just not as nutritious as the brown rice. The benefits of buying organic really aren't that great, considering the higher cost.

  19. I like this. I hate when people say "It's a fact!" It's like a fucking switch or something for your brain to just turn off and stop working..You need to see if these so called facts have a base to them at all, alot of them don't.

    Examples? All fucking over is a prime example of a website with facts that have a solid base and reference point.
  20. I get my liver and kidneys checked regularly and they say they are perfectly would think if we couldnt process that much all of our kidneys and livers would be struggling to keep up

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