Americans are not stupid

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  1. Hi,
    I must tell you ,I am from South Africa, but you guys are all under control, the USA. Gov. have you by the balls, They check your every move, when you post something on the net, there must be a little nerd, checking you out, what ever you write will be noted, my friends, we are being spyied on.
    Why, Have we guys like David Icke telling us to wake up.
    The internet is a great tool, better than Tv, get my message across, but great for the gov. to get to know, the real You.
  2. Are you paranoid as hell or something dude? That shit does go on, but only on certain people. Can you think of the program that monitors everything on the internet?

    They'd have to be invisible, etc....I just don't think it happens as much as you said and I'm fucked up so I'm just gonna...leave, lol.
  3. heh ... but no ... bugsy is right ... US government has a 999 billion dollar defense budget for military alone ... and policing ... how much of that goes to internet surveilance ??? 1%??? so thats ... 3 billion dollars .... u know how much they can do with 3 billion dollars ... everything we say is being recorded for later use .. if they ever bump into us or something. ....

    bugsy is right ... we are being watched ... nobody is reading what we are saying ... but most(and i bet this is a targeted website)websites ... are being recorded ... not being read ... but recorded... for later use ...
  4. Shit dude, that sucks. I don't smoke weed! *shifty eyes*
  5. recorded, but not read

    probably never read..
  6. Ah....well I had to post on one thread that I'm going to bed...I've gotta drive 6 hours to Tennessee...I'll be in the town around Nashville...I can't remember the name 'cos I'm so fried...I'm thinkin' Morgantown, but that's in WV....shit, I can't remember. Anyway, I'll be in Tennessee until Monday...I hope these buds last me :/
  7. i think that for the most part people aren't being spied on... unless they frequently visit flagged sites... that's when the gov. starts getting suspicious and starts monitoring your shit.
  8. If you visit extreme fascist/communist sites and the like, intelligence services are likely to 'flag' you as a potential threat to national security, and start monitoring you closely.

    This is the procedure used by the South African NIS, British MI-5 and numerous other services worldwide. It is not exclusive to the United States.

    Trust me - this site is NOT being recorded, or read by any government agency.
  9. Of course the internet is better then TV. The internet still allows you to form your own opinion. TV gives you an opinion.
  10. we never will really know, nixon fucked so much shit up, that we could possibly be living in something similiar to the matrix. when you read fictional books about people trying to bring forth revolution, and you actually think about it, the wat the protagonist in the book gets stopped is excactly like the way most criminals get stopped, there is a constant hunt in our society for people who dont, wear ties to work everyday, and people who in general think different and outside the main mentality of the brainwashed american.
  11. this thread is dumb, but its funny casue as soon as i saw the title say "americans are not stupid" i couldnt help but laugh. Remember, this is the country who elected geroge bush twice as president. americans (not all) are retarded.
  12. ^^^^ agreed.

    i want to know if any american stoners voted gwb
  13. What the fuck kind of thread is this? A stupid one.

    However, the U.S. has laws that nobody really knows about. A government agent could walk into my room without a warrant, beat the hell out of me and then accuse me of being a terrorist. Yeah, what a great way to live.
  14. This thread is from December of 2002.
  15. LOL Rummy... I remember this thread :D
  16. Alpha, king of the necromancers.
  17. Atleast americans can use relatively uncensored media, unlike china for example.

    Theyre media is extremely influenced by the government in much more extreme ways than what you describe being done by the United States.

    Tell me where the perfect country is so I can move there. I dont think there are any.
  18. I'm not saying we're stupid, but millions of Americans tune in weekly to a show called " Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? " and get some very bad news.:D

    And when was the last time you inspired a kid to study harder by telling them they could become smart enough to be elected president one day?:eek: " Who the fuck wants that job, mom?"

    For that matter when was the last time a US president got 20 words out of his mouth without fucking up 2 or 3 of them?

    " Stupid is as stupid does" Ah, Forrest Gump, there was an american with brains!
  19. WOw, someone raised this shit from the dead.
  20. alpha,,, is one badass blade,,,, a smart mo-fo,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and a necromancer,,,:cool:

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