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  1. So this may be a way off(or not who knows), but I'm considering investing in a around the town car. Somethin cheap($3000 max), decently reliable, and definitely from Chevy or GMC.

    Thinkin about between early 80's and early 90's, possessing a solid ass bumper that is NOT painted, probably a v6, roll down windows, and generally bad-ass as possible within these confinements.

    An example of models I like without having fully researched them: Oldsmobile Cutlass, Chevrolet Caprice, and if I could find an El Camino; hell yes :D

    Just basically looking for some suggestions/imput from those who have experience with these type of vehicles. I know Hondas and Toyotas are supposed to be more fuel efficient and reliable, but I have certain tastes, and some things in life are not all about being the most logical; and this is a pretty basic vehicle for pretty basic needs, not even necessarily a daily driver(although who know's in the future I suppose).

    Thanks for your responses!!:wave:
  2. Hard to beat a Cutlass, get the supreme though:smoke:
  3. I like the idea of a Supreme Brougham to be honest, the extra cost is worth it for the engine or what??
  4. Power and CLASS, the interior is sweeeet:D
  5. a buick electra...[​IMG]
  6. ahaa damn that beast is mean, not sure if I could find one though...or cheap if I did it's too pretty!!
  7. i would say, mid-seventies nova.
  8. [​IMG]


    here it is all finished up. i hope the guy i got the pics from doesnt mind me posting this beauty. its body dropped, bagged and the firewall is shaved. very clean car. interior is all original and its got a nice audio system in it. sorry not tryin to jack the thread i got carried away. :eek:
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    Damn billet that's you?! that is clean dude, I would love to push something like that(someday :D)

    @ docleary Oh yeah? I actually like this idea, solid looks, decent performance, you have any idea how hard it would be to find one in fair condition??

  10. depends on where you are - down south/out west you'd have better luck.

    not sure if this is your thing but the 4 door novas are nice, too.

    also old pontiacs/buicks.
  11. I'm definitely down for a 4 door, I always end up haulin random crap/people around anyways

    the only Pontiac I'd mess with is a Trans Am though, and I don't wanna mess with the insurance on one of those ha
  12. ha i wish. that buick is sweet. i gotta bagged truck tho. keeps me entertained :cool:
  13. is rwd necessary? if not, 1992 4.9L cadillac seville on 20's. i feel like a pimp in mine.
  14. If you want better steel to make a car. You can learn about a steel supplier in China----Shunshun Steel.

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