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american smoking technique

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by RedRose, Jan 24, 2014.

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    here in Spain we have a common smoking technique, the joint is passed fast for 1 hit each blade and the smoke is hold on untill the j comes back. this is called an "americano". Why has it that name? is it the usuall way to smoke in america or was it invented there?

  2. I'm an American and personally have never seen/heard of that until right now So no, as far as I know that's not the average way to pass a joint here :pSent from my iPhone using Grasscity F
  3. I prefer puff puff pass
  4. Normal smoking standards where I'm at (east coast of the U.S.) is puff puff pass in a big circle. If the group is smaller you usually take 1-3 more hits than pass. The only time I've had someone try to take a hit, pass it, and exhale when it comes back to them was my friend who likes to be weird.
  5. Here its usually 2 tokes then pass...puff puff pass.  The only time smoke is held is when weed is on short supply...and when its kids smoking that don't know any better.   Holding your hits does nothing but deprive yourself of oxygen.  
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    its like puff pass fast :D
  7. We call that "playing baseball"
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    Live in NJ, my friends and I always called that lightning rounds... its something we did on occasion usually if were just chillin its like 2-4 hits then pass
  9. never heard of it, usually round here by me its 2 hits then pass, no matter how many people there are aha.
  10. puff puff pass is the american way. thats a game smokers play but its not by any means an american thing.
  11. in my area we called that superman'ing
  12. Americano could mean anything involving the two continents of North and South America lol. Could be a Venezuelan thing for all I know lol. But as most people have mentioned, in the US we generally do puff puff pass. It is the National smoking game one might say. I also enjoy Chicago (idk if that is the official name, but that is what everybody I know calls it) where you hold in the smoke until the bowl/joint makes it back to your hands in rotation.
  13. yeah could be south americano. very much latinos in spain :D
  14. Puff puff pass is the American smoking technique, I've played that game you're talking about, waaay back in the day!
  15. In America we call that playing 'Chicago'.
  16. what you call "americano" we call "baseballing". i dont recommend it though, because after about 5 seconds, the majority of the THC has already been absorbed into your lungs and after 7 seconds the rate of tar increase in your lungs goes up by about 90% as the smoke cools in your lungs.  so holding it in doesn't really intensify the effect at all in terms of THC intake, but it might make you feel higher by getting you light-headed from holding your breath.  not very good for you though.
  17. We call it Killer here in the UK.
  18. We just call that baseball..perhaps you call it americano because it is our pass-time!Sent from my VM670 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  19. I usually pile in my car (the mystery Machine) and have two to three bowls and hot box the shit out of it.
  20. Yeah I do that with my friends when we feel like playing a smoking game. Always heard it called Chicago though. Might look into it more.

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