american pie 3 rules!

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. i had to say it! its the funnist thing i've every seen i had a j before i went in and i was laughing so hard i missed half the first scence in the reserant. oh man! im cracking up just thinking about it :p

    well it was more then a j cos my mate who for some reason has hardly any tolerance only had half of his and told me to look after it for him for another time but instead i smoked it thru it in a river and a duck treid to eat it i couldnt stop lafing
  2. hahaha ya man. i smoked a blunt before hand with a buddy... great movie.
  3. the best way to watch it aswell :D
  4. I want to see this movie. Ive seen the other two. The 3rd has to be good. :)

  5. lol.....yeah i was laughing my ass off....... SHITBREAK:-"granny fucker"..... STIFLER :-"motherfucker"......SHITBREAK:- "yeah i guess i am" out..........Sid
  6. well i did fuck your mom, twice

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