American Online Seed Banks? (Colorado And Washington)

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  1. Like the title says, do these exist yet? Or is attitude still the main source? :bongin: :smoking:

  2. Has Obama disbanded the DEA?
  3. Seeds are still illegal man. 
  4. I guess weed is still illegal then too? then how is coloroado gonna sell marijana? oh thats right. they could give a fuck less what the dea thinks.
  5. Thought public education still required at least some US government credits to graduate.

    16 plus States have moved to some sort of legalization....but yet the dea still raids.

    Also FTR...fed laws outwieghs state rights. Don't believe me, buy a US history book and study the 1860s.......
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    I know federal trumps state law. What CO and Wa is doing is illegal anways is what I'm stating. So what would the difference to these states would adding seeds to sales be when all of it is illegal by the DEA? Not saying they are but I am saying your comment doesn't nessecarily mean much when like I said, what they are doing is illegal anyways.

    Edit: LOL and thanks for insulting my intelegence in a nice way. I forget when summer time rolls around sarcasim can not be used because of the High schoolers who have yet to graduate.
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    Let me put it this way....if you see seeds for sale in a disensary, they do not cross state lines.

    A seedbank would. Giving the DEA & Justice Dept. all they need to raid and confiscate.

    EDIT: don't get me wrong, the day a true us seedbank shows up, I'm all in.
  8. As a med patient I understand dispensaries product (all of it) never pass state lines (legally anyways). I see atleast we somewhat understand what were getting at so ill leave it there.
  9. why cant they have a website for wa that only ships to wa and one in co that only ships to co?
    Where are they going to grow the seeds in anything like the kind of quantity that they would require. Running a seed bank isn't like collecting the bag seeds from some schwag and selling them on to you buddies. Also aren't seeds still illegal even under state law in WA?
  11. and Oregongreenseed

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    There Is 4 different places to check out within the states. There are plenty more, just gotta do a little Google research guys.

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