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Who would you vote for?

  1. Diana

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  2. Fantasia

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  1. Who do you think is better Diana or Fantasia?

    Personally i'm not the biggest fan of the show but i do watch it especially(in the beginning when all the sad phucks get up there) in times like now when i'm waiting for the Lakers to catch an ass spankin'.:)
    I think Fantasia has an awesome voice, we saw her when this season started and she blew me away.
    Now, true we don't need another Macey Grey but that trick cant sing! Grill looks like the front of a 78' coupe deville.

    I say vote macey doh i mean fantasia so she can get some money n get that grill fixed:)lmfao. serious business though, she's great!!!
  2. ive never watched the show...
  3. Its not all that good except for the beginning of the season when they weed out all the people who have no business whatsoever being behind a mic.

    If you wanna get the laugh of a lifetime tune in next season(whenever that is)spark a fatty, kick back with a tissue and laugh your ass off. You wont be disappointed.
  4. i wouldnt waste my time watching that show
  5. I heard there was going to be a show coming out that had these people on it, that were just terrible, like all the losers that we all love the most, that think they are actually good and competing in american idol, and the judges keep them on the show for shits and giggles..but I know nothing else..
  6. i wanna write to them and tell them to change the god damn name, because i know for damn sure kelly clarkson, ruben studdard, clay aiken, and whoever else, are not my fucking idols. christ.
  7. Ive seen the show a few times...not a fan. Then again Im not into the whole pop music stuff.
  8. OK disregard this thread folks, damnit.
    I dont like pop/commercial music myself, in fact i hate it, but i was waitn on the lakers and timberwolves to play and this was the only thing on. So i made a bored post.

    I remembered both of these ladies from the beginning and just happened to catch the last episode, not that i marked my calender and tuned in!!!

    I do watch the beginning of the season though, its good for a laugh most definately.some of the people that responded here must have got kicked off the show because you couldnt sing, the way you took offense to the thread and all.:)

    Guess i should put a 3rd choice that sais

    3. American Idols sucks bigmeat only gay motherphuckers like your self watch it.

    MOD, please roll this thread up and smoke it with the worst herb you got......
  9. 3. American Idols sucks bigmeat only gay motherphuckers like your self watch it.

    I like the fact that you don't mind having a laugh at your own expense

    I've only seen the brit version but the people they get turning up are some of the WWW, worlds worst wannabes.
    I have 6 cats and they sing better when I accidently step on them, but it's amazing how bad some of them are.
    The interest goes once they get rid of the dross though.
  10. Hey man thats all ive been trying to say, i just want ppl to laugh as hard as ido in the first week or so...then fuck american idol. I dont watch anything but the first week or two until all the lamers are gone.
  11. Nooooooo.....we no gonna close til I have said summin lol

    I haven't seen american Idol. But I live in Norway 'n our Idol (the last one) was hillarious. From a musicians point of view. Otherwise it was a tragedy.

    There was 1 girl, 16 yrs old 'n cute as hell. Problem was she couldn't sing. At all. She couldn't hit a note if you sang it for her for 1/2 hour. Still she got all the way to top 4!!!!! That just shows how much the public knows about music. And why Britney Spears is so popular despite her total lack of atlent
  12. Thats sad man!!!
    Most ppl only buy what they see on videos and hear on the radio. 90% of it is garbage. Theres one guy (that chinese guy, "hung" or something, he got knocked out of the competition his first day) from american idol who sounds like chit and everyone knows this, the song is fucking horrible, it sort of pisses me off to see that the public appreciates it by letting him sell at the top of the billboards. You can be the best there is and not sell a pennys worth if you dont know the right people or get proper exposure.

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