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  1. I took a chance and started watching it and i have to say it's one of the best shows I've watched in a while. There's only two seasons on Netflix unfortunately. Anyone else love this show? Which season was your favorite? Which Character? Why? 
    Season one was nice and gave me a strong sense of community while still maintaining a creepy ghost vibe. Very different from season two which made me feel almost abandoned and secluded from the world the entire way through and that made it all the more ominous. 
    Such a unique idea, a horror show with mini series as seasons; waiting for seasons 3 and 4.

  2. I love American Horror Story!! Never seen seasons 1&2, but let me attest that season 3 is excellllent ..Jessica Lange was my fAvorite character in that season.
    I know the new season started ,but I haven't watched the episode yet. I have On demand
  3. Season 3 was terrible. Absolute nonsense in my opinion. Season 1 was awesome and season 2 was okay. The current one seems intriguing, holy fuck that clown.
  4. My mom got my girl to love it..I watch it because she does so I get into it but I wish they did not go over the top with everything to the point that it's almost predictable.

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  5. Clowns never really bothered me.
    I can see a lot of people with clown problems not even being able to watch this season though. That stabbing scene with the couple in the park reminded me of that scene from the zodiac killer movie. Too bad they were unarmed and defenseless, oh well.
    This might be the first AHS season since season 1 that I can actually finish. The past 2 seasons were just so fucking bad.
  6. That Twisty the clown is creepy as shit.Ireally liked how this season started.Superb.
  7. I'm excited for the new episode tonight, hoping it's gonna be a good season
  8. yesterdays episode was the first episode ive seen. i found it predictable that the Grinning clowns bag would have a human head in it. waaayyyy to predictable. but then the girl hit him with that piece of wood and knocked his mask off. you got to see his mouth and how grotesque it was! 
  9. I knew instantly that rich kid was going to catch the girl and give her back to the clown when it showed him following and them trying to get out. Im not sure who's crazier, spoiled rich kid or the mouthless clown?
  10. If only people practiced their 2nd amendment rights. If I was the boyfriend I would have shot that mother fucker on sight. No jury would convict for shooting a dude dressed like that.
  11. I'm debating watching the new season. I liked the first two seasons but I couldn't get into the Covet or whatever the last one was called.
  12. downloading episode 2 right now to watch
  13. I dont understand why people arent reacting properly when they see a giant dirty clown with scars and blood all over its head walk up to them. They react like its a fucking labrador puppy that strolled up to them.
    "Oh hello giant murder clown covered in blood and dirt would you like to come home with me and entertain my son"
  14. Gah I love AHS. I can't hate Season 3, I liked the witches and the Incredibly Hateful Molly Brown, but the first season was so great that it's hard to beat. Two was alright... I'm still not sold on Season 4 yet, but I'm going to watch it. Jessica Lange's character is intriguing, I can't wait to see that develop.
    The clown thing! What was with that? That girl didn't look like a moron, but she sure as hell stood there while a scary ass clown hunkered across the field toward her. Just no big deal, as though he didn't look like a psycho murderer.
    I just want to know what's up with Kathy Bates' accent. French Canadian Cajun from Kentucky?
  15. Season 1 and 2 were amazing. I loved season 3 for what it was, entertaining. Definitely the weakest of the first three by far though.
    Season 4 is currently scaring the shit out of me.  :(
  16. watched the new episode last night. it was cool to see Twisty The Clown's back story. see why his face looked like that.
    i cant be sure but i think Wee Man was also in a couple scenes. 
  17. Definitely felt bad for Twisty :cry:
  18. Dandy is starting to remind me of Christian Bale's character in American Psycho. but with a massive grin mask. 
  19. Holy fuck season finale is next week. But my god... No spoilers but holy goddamn fuck, the first season to hit the nail on the head with a less convulted plot and just scenes that make me smile a little bit less now and cry a little more.
  20. I dont know why but im starting to like dandy.

    Also NPH at the end in the police station was great.

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