American glass bubbler

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  1. Hi guys! Is there any one here who owns either one of these?



    I think they look really good, but i don't know which one to get..
    The hammer: Measurements – 7.25”H/3.50”W
    The Sherlock: Measurements – 6”H/3.50”W

    Which one will give the biggest hits? And are these bubblers big, regular sized or small? i don't know what the regular size is :)
  2. definitely get the hammer dude. You won't regret it.
  3. Yeah, i'm leanin towards the hammer! But is there anyone who owns a bubbler this size? is it big for a bubbler and will it give big hits?
    And due, have you tried both hammer and Sherlock? Why is it better? :)
  4. Having owned hammers and mini-bubs of around that size, I say you defiantly get the hammer. You're not going to get super big hits from either, but they'll do their jobs nicely. I personally think that the hammer is better, because I tend to burn my hair on the mini bubs, spill water on myself, and mine have always gotten super clogged.
  5. That's a dope ass looking hammer dude
    I'm waiting for mine in the mail but idk if it looks as cool as that one.. damn..
  6. Hopefully the thickness on the hammer is of appropriate size. If not the whole part where you hit it from could be very vulnerable to breaking. But yeah, the hammer is better imo, easier to clean and everything. I have one same design just not as big and I have cleaned it after almost every Sesh and it looks new. A cousin of mine has one like the bottom one and it's really gunked up and looks nasty. Tougher to clean as well
  7. Hell yeah, i'm stoked. I'm ordering this sunday, and ill try upload some pictures when i get some bud too :D

    Oh, and is there anyone here who owns a CVault? I'm thinking about ordering one too

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