American Gangster

Discussion in 'General' started by tjwettem, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. I just got done watchin this movie for like the 5th time, and i gotta say its really really good. Denzel Washington and Russel Crowe are both really good in this. any1 else seen it yet?
  2. Denzel Washinton is cool. Russel Crowe is wack.
  3. Yeah this movie is FIRE. It'll def. win a number of awards this coming year.
  4. That movie is fucking sick as hell. I love when Crowe talks about drugs being legal and if it was it would put hundreds of thousands of people out of a job.
  5. Im mad. I was downloading it overnight, and then I woke up to the computer shut off. So i have to download it again.
  6. I thought it hasn't came out yet. Or you guys downloaded it?
  7. Haven't seen it yet, but I'm gonna watch it tonight...I hope it's epic.

    P.S. Jah-Bless! (shit I'm high as fuck)
  8. Denzel Washington is probably the sickest actor of our time, only person coming close in my mind would be Johnny Depp.

    I havent seen American Gangster yet, but I have been dying to since i seen the trailer. Ill try and download it this morning.

    EDIT- well demonoid only has 1 file up for it, if anyone knows where I can download it, please PM me a link.. Thanks guys.
  9. c/s that statement 100% denzel washington and johnny depp are my absolute two favorite actors, no one else can even come close to them imo
  10. + rep to both of you!

    depp & denzel!
  11. I saw a preview for this and it looks fuckin amazing.. thers a lot of good movies out there right now and i gotta see this 1..

    That new movie with Ryan Gossling, Lars and the Real Girl i guess is suppose to be an excelllent movie, doesnt seem so by the previews, but seriously check out the reviews its looks pretty good to me.. i wanna see Both
  12. This looks like one of the best movies to come out in a while. Can't wait to see this flick.

  13. Same. I'm definitely gonna see it when it hits theaters.
  14. Yeah, I have a few links where I can watch it at but i'd rather wait for it to come out in theatres. Watching it on the computer isn't the same.
  15. what is this like the black version of goodfellas? whats the guys real name that the story is based on? also, who is the director?
    it seems im the only sucka thats waiting for this to come out in theatres n pay 10 bills to see it :confused:
  16. The movie is based on Frank Lucas. One of the most sucessful drug dealers of all time. When he got caught instead of snitching on drug dealers he snitched on 100 crooked cops.
  17. I personally haven't seen too many denzel washington movies, but from what I have seen he is most definitely an amazing actor.

    Johnny depp I liked him a lot in some, in others not so much... but once I saw him in Fear and Loathing I have loved him ever since... he was incredible in that movie.
  18. Denzel is one of my favorite actors hands down

    I watched it earlier today on DiVX, great movie not something you need to see on the big screen persay but to his their own :smoke:
  19. If anyone has a legitimate d/l link feel free to PM
  20. give me some time and i'll find a link thats still live and pm you

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