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  1. Hey everyone, just wondering if theres an american seedbank supplying the european seedbanks' stock? Im looking for barneys, dinafem, dutch passion, nirvana, thseeds, royal queen seeds, brothers grimm and then some american breeders like HSO and cali connection?

    Basically im looking for the american version of attitude seedbank. Does one exist? Im only interested in photoperiod plants at the moment, so if you have suggestions, please consider that. Sorry Mephisto

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    Here's some US seed banks with some of the breeders you wanted
    I also included Serious Seeds
    H.S.O. Archives - Platinum Seed Bank Sale going on 30% off coupon code SPRING30
    Humboldt Seed Organization Archives -
    Brothers Grimm Seeds Archives -
    The Cali Connection Archives -
    Barney's Farm Archives -
    Humboldt Seed Organization Archives - Neptune Seed Bank Sale 30% off
    The 30% is taken off at the checkout
    The Cali connection // Cann
    DCSE Seeds
    Serious Seeds Archives - Oregon Elite Seeds
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  3. Sadly, no such bank exists.
    Most of the US banks that carry european seeds have very limited selections and require buying 5-seed packs for $50+.
    I've given up on them, and instead order european seeds thru alibongo, and have had 2 successful recent shipments with zero shipping cost (but also no stealth).
    Growers Choice in CA and Mephisto (autos only) in CO will mail you their own brand seeds without hassle.
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  4. Ill probably stick with attitude. Their stealth tactics are pretty great and they have excellent pricing and variety. Someday we will get an equivalent seedbank here

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  5. My last order from TSSC came from California, I know they have some of the breeders you are looking for.
  6. Growers Choice has a good selection. They ship from CA.
  7. Growers choice doesn't give out info on where their seeds come from. They only state the parentage but the issue is mainly this, where did they get their green crack? How about their c99? They state its "their version". This is concerning when you are looking for a specific breeder's gear. If they arent even willing to give credit to the original breeders, then how can you be sure their genetics are even what they say they are. If you ask me, Brothers Grimm's c99 is am entirely different strain from grower's choice's version. Do they even have strains with names not taken from other banks' genetics? Until they state where they are getting their strains, I wont buy from them.

    Thanks for the suggestion, i do appreciate it

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  8. James bean company all day not a crazy selection but they take cc and i got mine in three days.
  9. Anyone tried (outta CA)

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