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  1. Do you guys think shit will hit the fan soon.? If so what do you think will happen?
  2. government = Illuminati + aliens.
  3. /thread.
  4. God bless America.

    For if America got fucked up, the whole world will get fucked up...
  5. Fuck it this world needs a lil excitement.
  6. Some folk just want to see the world burn. :rolleyes:

  7. For you may be but no thanks for me!
  8. I think so, yes. It won't be soon, so to speak, but it's easy to see a shift in society. I sure as hell don't like American society but it's one of the safest...Man, you gotta be careful and watch out. We're the victims, man...

    I have to say man every time I talk about America because I think my view on it is a stoney conspiracy theory.
  9. The goverment
  10. North Korean aliens
  11. I dont know....but I will face whatever comes with love.
  12. New World Order
  13. What i think is ther government is going to fuck us all i mean loom theyre already trying to take our guns . Whats next????
  14. Our freedom.

    But our freedom has been taken a long time ago, even before the guns.

    But... I guess they can always take more of what's left of our freedom.
  15. And why is homeland security stocking up on ammunition?

  16. To keep the bullet making factory running?
  17. black people and other minorities, as well as all non-Christians, will fuse with Obama to create an uber race of lazy, sentient welfare recipients who do nothing more than pay no taxes and feed off of America's teet. and Fox News will be the only corporation to ever tell any sort of truth.


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