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  1. According to conspiracy theorists, that the government denies any conspiracy on a particular issue, means the governement is involved in the conspiracy, and is just doing some damage control...

    The wild ass conjecture that is conspiracy theories, is pretty watertight in dealing with criticism. Basically that all professionals, politicians and military that goes to task in demonstrating how outlandish and downright silly a given conspiracy theory is, is then by the conspiracy theorists labeled to be either part of the conspiracy, or bought off like puppets.

    Like how the moon-landing deniers think Phil Plait is bought by NASA to keep up the party line so to speak.
  2. i don't understand why the US govt would waste time and money creating a web page to address such crazy conspiracies :confused:
  3. What's crazier to me is that people live in complete denial of the fact that men in power conspire with special interests. As the website states:

    Economic conspiracy theories are often based on the false, but popular, idea that powerful individuals are motivated overwhelmingly by their desire for wealth, rather than the wide variety of human motivations we all experience.

    We see endless proof of this in history, most often driven out by those who refuse to accept the official story, yet we continue to lambast those who question the motivations of these men with power. How can they even claim it "false"?

    The conspiracy theories that matter aren't on there, and that says a lot.
  4. Because this is their idea of a more "open" Government. They can spend all the time they want writing "cannot confirm or deny" statements, but still claim they are being "open" with the People because the website exists in the first place, no matter how (non) informative it is.

    Oh, and pay no attention to the man behind the curtain over there...He's just writing out another check for a trillion or two...
  5. If you've been watching Glenn Beck you knew this was coming.
  6. [​IMG]


    Really though, LOL at the government. This appears to have been created in 10 minutes by a 16 year old kid. I imagine, since this is the government we're talking about, somewhere around 7 billion dollars were spent to whip up this shit.

    Basically they could've just linked to snopes and saved some time+money, but no.... this is our government, folks.
  7. Well, I think it's interesting that they address many of the conspiracy theories thrown at them.

  8. Job opening (Washington, DC): CONSPIRACY THEORIST DEBUNKER -- Functions of your job include:

    - Perpetuating the myth there was only one JFK shooter
    - Telling everyone WTC-7 was previously badly damaged internally and an earthquake from from the impact of WTC-1 brought it down
    - Informing the public marijuana will make you join a jazz band and if you share it with your wife she'll sleep with negros

    Edit: I love all the 320x200 pictures on that website. Makes disseminating information THAT MUCH EASIER because you can't see shit.
  9. but.... but debunked everything! :p
    it must have been false! ;)
  10. ps you can click enlarge photo if you cannot see the picture...yeeaah there ya go!:hello:
    pps if you actually read what was on the website they DID NOT say that WTC-7 was brought down by an earthquake from the impact of WTC-1 or that it was previously damaged internally

    JFK was a fucked up situation, but a lot of mistakes were made that day, whether or not they were intentional is up to you to decide.
    and yeah basically anything the gov says on mj is probably going to be false.
  11. that must be some sort of joke right...? right??? i mean it looks like some jr high school project.

  12. You haven't been here long, have you? :D
  13. However the WTC was previously damaged by a bomb blast in 1993. It had to come down. The building(s) was/were unsafe.

    I support all government cover ups. Eventually the leaks become too large to plug and we find out the truth anyway.
  14. This aint no alien conspiracy,this shit is real/Hidden on the dollar underneath the masonic seal-Immortal Technique
  15. Well I guess thats it. Proof positive that 9/11 was only pulled of by pissed off terrorists trying to take away our freedom. Thank god for the PATRIOT act which stopped those devil worshiping bastards. If they only knew Christianity was the only way..

  16. hahaha i'm glad they took the time to debunk the "jews did wtc theory"

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