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  1. Hey guys, I am looking for some new ambient music to play for cannabis and entheogen use, let's see what you got. I'm all ears. :hippie:
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    Naturally, Brian Eno's "Ambient" series (all 4 parts) and Aphex Twin's "Ambient Works 85-92"

    Bill Laswell's "Psychonavigation"

    Ravi Shankar's "A Morning Raga, an Evening Raga"

    Anything by Terry Riley or LaMonte Young (pretty out there, don't know how into microtonal music you are)

    Not ambient, but Claude Debussy's piano preludes are perfect for tripping.

    Post-rock bands like Tortoise, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Do Make Say Think, Explosions in the Sky, A Silver Mt. Zion, etc are great for tripping.

    Try to find some Pythagorean tuning bells....really ambient and trippy as fuck.
  3. try some aphex twin, like his album selected ambient works
  4. hey this isn't quite ambient but I found it totally by accident yesterday. The name intrigued me as I was scrolling by so I picked it up. The Bombay Dub Orchestra.

    Just like the name describes, this group is a full orchestra that plays dub, ambient like, somewhat dancy, but not really, Indian infused music. Very relaxing and fun to listen to.

    Amazon's got a preview, I recommend checking them out at least.
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    It's amazing what reading whole threads will do to someone's common sense.
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    ha ha ha ^^^
    I was thinking about getting Music For Airports. But i like most of your music so i'll just do it.

    Just search ambient music on this forum, you'll find another post with a bunch of stuff
  7. I Guess it depends on what sort of ambiance you're looking for. I personally would back up the suggestion of post rock bands and even classical music if you are into it. This Will Destroy You and Russian Circles are a badass place to start in terms of Post Rock. Any of Johnny Greenwood's solo stuff is fun too.

  8. Music for Airports is probably my favorite of the series...(Ambient Works 1). The first song on it is one of my favorite songs of all time; I remember listening to it on a salvia trip. I was flying (as a person, not on a plane) over Grand Central terminal when I saw a woman in the middle of the room, holding an umbrella.

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