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  1. So today i went to the see the physciatrist and he prescribed me lexapro to cure my anxiety and depression and ambien c.r for insomnia. has anybody had any experience with these? the lexapro is 10mg and im not sure what the ambien is
  2. I take ambien to trip sometimes :devious:

    I try to keep my tolerance low, so i dont fuck around with it too much.
  3. Ambien is a very odd drug, makes you hallucinate but.. idk
  4. i hate amibien all around ime, but like many say i hear its like a low dose of ketamine?
  5. Im scripted it and I enjoy getting ready for bed every night. It makes me just happy and stupid feeling you forget a lot. I take like 15-20 mg when I take it. its pretty sweet Im on it now =P. haha.
  6. ambien is very strange indeed. i can't really explain it better than that. however it is fun in its way. last time i used it to trip me and 2 buddies took 30mgs each and smoke a ton of weed. unfortunately it has the benzo like effect of erasing your memory so i only remember snatches of the night. what i remember is some cool ass hallucinations, me and my buddies not recognizing each other and convincing myself that our sober driver had gotten us into a car accident while we were driving around. also we got back to my friends house at 2:30 then BAM it was 5:30 and we were sitting in my friends car were we usually smoke. none of us remember ANYTHING from those 3 hours, we seriously might have done the craziest shit and completely forgot about it. the next day a pill count revealed that we had each dosed another pill at some point which we had NOT intended to do.

    ambien can lead to some very weird things especially when combined with weed as the effects seem to synergize. as far as i can remember though it is a good time. just be careful.
  7. is it like dramamine
  8. ambien can only be described in 3 words.

    What the fuck?
  9. Ambien is definitely an experience all of its own. Weird as shit, and unique feelings. Serious body feelings, serious "dreaming while awake" feelings, and tripping, but at the same time incredibly relaxing because you're just so fucking tired, lol. Ambien is amazing, too, because you take it right before you go to bed, after a long day. You are elated and relaxed and tripping balls for as long as you want to be right before you go to bed, but as soon as you hit those sheets... damn. Really good sleep.
  10. its 12.5 mg ambien c.r (control release) somebody told me that i'd have to crush it up to get the right effects because it dosent release the full force upon taking it. its like part to make you fall asleep then more to keep you asleep
  11. I was scripted both of these before from my shrink as well. Lexapro for me was a shitty experience. It did little for my anxiety and after 10 months I found myself addicted to the shit. Brain zaps and depression for like 2 weeks is no fun. That's no reason why you shouldn't try it. It can really help certain people.

    Ambien CR, and in general, is interesting to say the least. I would defiantly suggest not going over the mg's that is prescribed to you. Tolerance and the ability to "get high" diminishes quickly, as well as the function as a sleep aid (again in my experience.) It's actions are very similar to that of a benzo so expect weird behavior and possibility of memory loss. Don't mix ambien with other downers especially alcohol. It's a great time but bad stuff generally happens.
  12. Ambien is a sleeping pill....I took it when I was in the military. Couldn't sleep because of stress. Anyway, long story short, I only took it a couple of times because it made me super tired the next day. The doc ended up switching me to Trazadone. I took that a couple of times, and it works better than Ambien. I haven't taken either of them in a long time (don't like taking pills) and I still have the bottles in my cabinet.
  13. I use to take trazodone too before being switched to ambien.. I heard ambien (or was it trazodone?) was issued to people in the air force after missions.
  14. Yeah, Lexapro can be one the most effective SSRIs for anxiety, so take it before you just pass it off as as cop-out by your doctor. As for 'addiction', it's really dependency and happens with all SSRIs when taken for a long period of time. I was on Lexapro for 10-11 months and when I stopped (just recently), my doctor had me take 10mg for 2 weeks (down from 20) and I was fine when I stopped it, but I had already started a new drug regimen, so that might have helped as well.

    That's weird, I started with Trazadone first and found it left me tired the next (which is actually a common side effect), and now I'm scripted ambien to help me sleep. If you need it to sleep you probably won't 'trip' unless you take a large dose, but it is pretty helpful at getting to sleep.
  15. is an ambien trip really that similar to dramamine/benedryl? i've been wanting to try it for a while now, and i've finally found some.....but if it's like dph like someone said a few posts above this one i will NOT do it. i hate that feeling.

  16. hahah very true... my memory has gotten so bad from ambien...or else its the weed? but after long term use of ambien ur memory starts deteriorating at least for me it is. and yet i still take it every night cuz its awesome. take it and smoke a bowl 30 min after. sweet
  17. I've never done dramamine but I think dram would be alot different from ambien besides the hallucinations.

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