Ambien tolerence

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  1. So about two hours ago I took 25 mg ambien orally. It was my first time to take ambien so this amount seemed like a good dose but I felt close to nothing. I felt a couple of tremmors or shivers but nothing else not even tired. So my question is: I have a very high tolerence to benzos and I'm not quite sure what I'm talking about here but to my understanding ambien and benzos work on the same GABA receptor or something so could my benzo tolerence affect my use of ambien? Sorry if it's a stupid question I'm just not too drug educated compared to some of the other blades
  2. If you have a very high tolerence to benzo's ambian will indeed be affected by that. You'll need to take much more ambien to affect you because of your high tolerence.
  3. Zolpidem does bind to the same GABA receptors as benzos, so having a high tolerance will affect it greatly.
  4. Ambien built up in me quick.
    First night 20mg smoked some tree got mind fucked
    Second night 30 mg smoked some tree, not as mind fucked but still enjoyable.
    Night 3,4,5, and 6... nothing.

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