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Discussion in 'General' started by scudstorm, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. i just got a bunch of ambien crs. they are the blue 12.5 mg. i was wondering if i can still get fucked up off the CRs? should i just crush it up n swallow it? its also my first time im thinking of havin just one, you think thatll be enough?
  2. Ambien really has no recreational value dude.

    You'll either just pass out for 8 hours, or if you manage to stay awake you'll end up doing a bunch of really stupid half concious shit that you could definitely end up regretting (i.e., driving and wrecking your car).
  3. I took 4 red ambiens which I think are the 5mg ones and stayed up. I would drift off for a bit but I was fine. I didn't do anything that stupid. It also gave me some weird thoughts. I think it has a pretty good recreational value if you know you can stay up. You know that if you take enough and force yourself to stay up, you can trip? Also you can have some crazy ass dreams. I am not trying to be a dick, I am just saying man.
  4. yea i know what it does and im gonna try to stay awake and trip out my friends have done it and i know it works so it does have recreational value. i was asking if the CRs had the same affect compared to regualr ambien or if id have to break up the pill for it to work (because theyre time release)
  5. I don't see the point in having a trip when you aren't going to remember a single minute of it. And its not really a trip, you're just like half dreaming.
  6. There are parts I didn't remember but I did remember a lot of the day. So... I guess I have no idea what you are talking about. Besides, I missed out a lot more on Lorazepam than I did on the Ambien. I don't even remember smoking weed or talking to people or doing things I normally do on Lorazepam.
  7. i just wanna try it out im just gonna be with some friends im not gonna do anything stupid. i just got like 10 for free so im at least going to try them.

    can anybody answer my original question?

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