ambien cr help!

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  1. hey SWIM got some ambien cr 12.5 mg and he is wondering whats the best way to get high off of it he is noobie so he's sorry and he dont wanna snort or use a needle so whats the best way? thanks!
  2. Who the fuck is SWIM? How is a verb a person? The fuck are you on
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    wow thanks for the english lesson now if you dont have an answer for my question then dont fucking reply with some bullshit smart ass comments thank you... btw SWIM is an acronym for something go look it up :)
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    Nah I know what SWIM is. Wasn't trying to sound like an ass. It's just, nobody uses SWIM over here. No need to use it. And to answer your question...just pop it. Benzos and benzo-like drugs like ambien are usually best if you pop them anyways.

    Actually CR is extended release so crush it to powder and parachute it. I think that'll work better.
  5. No need to use swim here. Servers are based in the netherlands.

    Also, you dont get 'high' off of ambien. It will make you feel disoriented, and possibly hallucinate.
  6. oh alright sorry never been on here before didnt know my bad besides parachuting could i just chew em?
  7. parachute it with warm water. wont do much. at least not for me

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