ambidextrous while high?

Discussion in 'General' started by suppafreaky, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. hello everyone, SWIM is new to the forums here and had an important question to ask. Has anyone experienced becoming ambidextrous off of weed and what are the implications and reason behind this? SWIM found out when he was messing around with a notebook and pencil one night.
  2. Drop the swim shit
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  3. Maybe you just finally took the time to practice though
  4. Someone who is you.
  5. it's great to see the welcoming community here
  6. If SWIM wants to post then SWIM can make an account just like you and I did. Just be yourself and don't take anything too personal. Maybe when you get high the other person that lives inside you comes out, your mirror image personality.
  7. We don't SWIM here because 1).it looks childish. 2)SWIM is not going to hold up in court or any type of investigation 3) we disallow discussions of other drugs to avoid bad press so we can freely discuss the smoking of the herb and not have to fear the shutdown of the forum like other weed forums that we've lost over the past decade.

    And maybe weed is helping you become more comfortable using your non dominant hand by allowing you to overcome whatever mental barrier are responsible for right/left hand dominance.

    I know I can't use my left hand to write or other shit while high
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  8. SWIM told me that sounds pretty cool...
  9. There's seems to be a recurring theme tonight. People posting shit I don't understand. What the fuck is SWIM other than a pleasant physical recreational activity that can be enjoyed by the entire family?
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  10. SWIM said that if I smoke, I'll go on a mind bending, hallucinogenic, spiritual ascension to become the ultimate karaoke singer. Is this true?

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  11. It means Someone Who Isn't Me. Shady drug forums have entire user bases who use this phrase all the time to avoid self incrimination of their activities, or so they convince themselves
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  12. O. O oh.
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  13. Haha haha OP still never came back.

    SWIY is embarrassed
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  14. i used the phrase "swim" because i had seen a few people do it before in posts I have googled and assumed it was protocol. I came to the forum to present a question that i have been pondering and independently researching for a while. i expected to get thoughtful and insightful replies from more experienced members who had maybe experienced the same thing i did, rather than be criticized for a completely irrelevant portion of the post, hence my absence from said forum.
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