Amazing video.

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  1. Wanna hear a funny joke?
    grlllgrrlllgrlllgggrrll (gurgley noise)
    Knock Knock?
    grlllgrrlllgrlllgggrrlgrlllgrrlllgrlllgggrrl(more frantically)
    Who's there?
    "woowoowooowooowooowooowoowooo" who?
    Man! that wasnt very funny

    Adventure Time
    Without a doubt the best thing I have watched high. [ame=]YouTube - Adventure Time[/ame]
    What makes it even funnier is that it's a kid show now, but you can tell its made by stoners for stoners.
  2. Mondays at 8 on Cartoon Network :D Best stuff I've seen in a LONG time when it comes to cartoons these days.

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