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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ZergRush, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. We'll today i needed to leave my car at the dealer for some shit they needed to fix. Anyways me and my friend decide to go to Little Tokyo.

    Started off with 5 bowls off of

    After which we go on the good ole' MTA

    Haha this guy totally flipped me off after i took this picture.

    After about 2 hours we arrive and have lunch (ONLY 50 CENTS!)

    And at the end of our long voyage.
    My feet were KILLLLLING me.

    A very angry me.

  2. Haha and lunch was only 50 cents! (picture of Popsicle) :p. Sounds like a sweet trip to ol' Tokyo

    Love the name too, ZergRush, fuck yeah

    I need to get Starcraft on my computer..does that run on Dual-Core's? For XP?
  3. Pretty sure it runs on it. Game is like..10 years old now i think. Last time i saw the battlechest it was like 29.99 or something. But thats with the strategy guide and broodwar expansion.

    *edit* expansion is really too much fun
  4. It was a goooood day.
  5. very eventful day to say that guy looked like he was gonna crush you when you took a pic of him :D

    btw is that homer and those aliens in the back of the first pic?
  6. Haha yeah. I was collecting those new simpson figures for a while after they came out. I think i have all the playsets. Sadly they are sitting in storage.
  7. sounds like you had a nice day, i feel like shit after my little smoking binge last night.
  8. twas' a fun day. walking around all day on some dank makes it oh so much bearable

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