amazing robot dance kid

Discussion in 'General' started by kleiny, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Damn that second guy was crazy, I wonder how many years it took him to master that
  2. that kid is absolutelty rediculous... ive seen that vid b4 and he's startin to be in commercials on tv ive seen too
  3. yea ive seen that a while back, that 2nd kid is amazing.. pure talent right there
  4. Wow, that was pretty freakin cool.

  5. I thought you meant the first kid, and I was thinking "Meh, he's okay, better than me, but not great."

    And then the other kid comes on and COMPLETELY PWNZ that asian kids ass! Oh God that was awesome. Thank you verymuch.
  6. it's funny how much the robot has changed. i don't think a robot would be able to move like that at all when you really think about it :smoke:
  7. haha, I thought that too. But still, what that kid did is truly incredible, no doubt.
  8. hands down, he's got skill
  9. i'm pretty...sure that's...not possible
  10. woah man that was tripppppppeeeeee
    ......:smoking: :smoking:......
    ......:smoking: :smoking:......
  11. ive seen this before but it always amazes me. anyway did anyone else check out the 'pokemon theme song' video by those 2kids? LMAO if you havent i suggest you do its hilarious
  12. Haha, yeah I saw that too. I like his hat.
  13. Yeah, that 2nd kid is amazing. If you watch the movie You Got Served(i don't watch it for the plot, I watch it for the breakdancing scenes) the end battle has maybe that same guy doing that style.

    *Edit* Did some research, seems his name is David Elsewhere. Here is a slurpee commercial he did for 7-11 and has some pretty sick footwork @ the end.
  14. that guy is good ty for that research
  15. I saw that a while back, that kid is amazing. I always feel like I can do the robot like that when I'm high, sometimes I'll try when I'm off in the woods by myself. Once me and a friend smoked way too much dank weed and we were both doing the robot cause we had strobe vision and it was pretty cool.

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