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Amazing Purple Dream(Purple Kush x Blue Dream)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Airmax, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Just picked up a lot of this stuff from my cousin and i can say this is easily my favorite strain,the sweetest smelling weed ive ever had and it reaks even more when grinded up. and feels like a sativa hybrid when i smoke it, then has an amazing relax at the end. when you break a nug open theres unreal amount of trichs i tried the best i could with my cam to get them, tell me what you think:smoke:

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  2. Nice nugs. And some how, your pink palmed whiteness adds to the aesthetics contrast of the pictures.

  3. haha i guess it does

  4. Damn I really wanna try that mix.
  5. that looks delicious.

    lol.. i thought it was on a pink pillow...

    but i guess its ur hands.

  6. op was fappin right before he took this
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  7. lmao caught red-handed.
  8. Eww wtf he WAS fapping... lmao.
  9. Looks yummy.
  10. [quote name='budsmokeronly2']op was fappin right before he took this[/Q

    lol hows that make sense?
  11. sexy genetics

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