Amazing new invention allows humans to breath underwater without oxygen tanks

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    This is an amazing new invention that near as I can tell is still in it's early stages, but it does appear that they have created a working conceptual piece as shown in the pictures.

    This is now a new concept, however the exact technology has not specifically been created until now...

    I don't know about you but this really opens up a lot of possibilities and I can see myself really becoming an avid scuba diver in the future with such a technology.. What do you blades think about this amazing gem of science?

    Images below

    •     Triton uses a new technology of artificial gill model.
    •     It extracts oxygen under water through a filter in the form of fine threads with holes smaller than water molecules.
    •     This is a technology developed by a Korean scientist that allows us to freely breathe under water for a long time.
    •     Using a very small but powerful micro compressor, it compresses oxygen and stores the extracted oxygen in storage tank.
    •     The micro compressor operates through micro battery.
    •     The micro battery is a next-generation technology with a size 30 times smaller than current battery that can quickly charge 1,000 times faster.
  2. My only concern about this is whether the battery could malfunction and go dead at such a deep depth. With technology, you never know imo.
  3. Looks like something out of a movie...except I don't remember these things running on batteries in movies. Would be nice if it didn't need that. Still really cool though.
  4. star wars haha but yeah seems like there is a possibility it could malfunction, but hey so can an oxygen tank so. but yeah it does look pretty cool 
  5. Just another step on the ladder of technology. Don't whine that it requires second parts or batteries, in 10 or 20 years, it won't.
  6. Is there anything validating that it works? You said they created a "working conceptual piece" so to me that just means that it still doesn't exist. I believe it's possible, but think about all the water you would be breathing in to get the oxygen. It would need to be really efficient.
  7. Awesome!
    Special forces have something similar but not nearly that size!
    Does remind me of Star Wars :laughing:
  8. I'm excited but not surprisedI mean, the technologies been around since sea creatures have been around. I'm surprised no one has attempted to make artificial gills before. Perhaps one day it will be an implant humans can get.
  9. See i knew duracell are a bunch of fucking crooks 
  10. in deeper waters though oxygen is less, right?
  11. It's not like people don't already breath underwater scuba diving haha
  12. Yea someone else said that as well... One solution we came up with is to have a simple way to swap out the battery for a new one even under water, or simply just bring a spare mask with you.
    The movies are the movies.. According to the movies we've already gone to Mars, and we live in a virtual world called the Matrix.. So yea..
    Obviously these are big issues that the best minds will be working to resolve before marketing this
    Blows my mind what human thought can achieve.. Especially when it comes down to several or many human minds brain power being focused on one thing like a human super computer of people.
    As far as I'm aware they have a working model.. What I meant by that was they have a piece that is working but in no way will be the final product when marketed... As someone else stated the military already has this technology
    Oh yea, they definitely still have those in a galaxy far, far away, don't you worry chief. But yea that was the first thing I thought of as well.
    Agreed.. Was only a matter of time before they figured it out, juts like they've figured out how to imitate other features of animals and reptiles and such.
    Yes... Bunch of poon face cock smokers if you ask me...
    Correct, there is some worries about possibly swimming into areas of depleted oxygen, so it has been suggested that you would only be able to scuba dive in certain areas and at depths maybe no lower than 15 feet or so... Even still it's an amazing improvement over snorkeling even at that depth
    As a professional suba diver has commented on this device, learning to scuba dive is not as easy as it looks, and actually can be dangerous if you don't know how to breathe right and things like this
  13. whats the difference between this and a rebreather?
    im too lazy to google it.
  14. and i dont even really know what a rebreather is

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