Amazing Lady Gaga "Paparazzi" cover by 13 year old boy.

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  1. This kid has talent.

    [ame=]YouTube - "Paparazzi"[/ame]
  2. Hello Digg
  3. those girls in the back need to be slapped
  4. or in need of a good fucking :rolleyes:

    No seriously they probably just need a hug or something, why go the extra mile and attack em? You gotta look at the situation, a middle school talent show...I'd be asleep or snoozing off if I was there man.
  5. that kid is a beast. i hate lady gaga but that kid made it sound good.
  6. once his balls drop and his voice deepens he wont sound anything like that
  7. [ame=]YouTube - Telephone Remake[/ame]
  8. Damn, Im in love with his beautiful voice.

    Amazing talent.
  9. That kids is fucking amazing on the keys. It doesn't even matter that he covered a HORRIBLE song (could've done without the vocals though, ehh kind of ear-piercing) he made that piano line sound nuts. Almost had a darker feel to it
  10. this, he did really good tho, just wondering how the fuck he's gonna do that when his voice gets deeper tho haha
  11. hahah hes got all those chicks under his thumb by the end of the song.
  12. Haha, + rep that was hilarious.

    But yeah that kid has skills on the piano and a pretty good voice, it just didn't really fit the song.
  13. that kid just knows how to get pussy.
  14. um, my computer soundcard is broken, but I just heard it on the radio, haha that's how famous it is i guess, 10 million views, right? i think it was this kid, 6th grader, and his voice sounds exactly like, if Lady Gaga sung more like a woman and slowed it down. Wow... not even sure what to say about that? is this kid... trying to teleport in the future to age 20 or so to bargain with romantic condemnation? or what the heck is going on here, seriously.

    to which I've gotta say, lady gaga is kind of a spoiled, formerly coked out, nyu new york scenester bla bla bla gettin away with all of that... ridin' it out, getting away with the gettingawayness... which is, nothing wrong with that, I suppose. Oh, female peers of mine she has inspired, dear, if only I could return the favor.


    BUT... as for this boy. I don't even know what you can say. Haha:smoking:

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