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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Spaghetti101, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. OK, so I just recently purchased an oil burner. You put these drops of fragrant oils in them and it vaporizes into the air, making the house smell good.
    So I got to thinking and I thought "Dude! What if I put hash oil in my oil burner?". At first I was like nah. But what if I were to put the oil burner in a small room such as a closet or small bathroom? Close off the vents and block air flow from the door with a towel or something. Bring some snacks and drinks and chill for an hour or two. 
    If I get get the room almost full of vapor.... imagine how high I would be??? I thought a little more about it and thought "Hey, the vapor is going to fall to the bottom of the closet." So I decided I was going to lay down while I'm in there. Have a pillow and a blanket maybe. 
    I know all of this sounds really crazy, but could it be done? I mean, could I actually get high like this?

  2. Waste of oil..just dab it
  3. I would say it all depends on how much vapor/smoke or whatever it gives off. If it produces alot then I would say so.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscit
    try it and report back
  5. I am going to try it cause I would love to find out that you can get higher than heaven like this. I will be back in an hour or two and give you all an update.
    Wish me luck! :D
  6. I think that's called hotboxing and people actually do this... yes it gets you profoundly high. But seriously careful not to suffocate yourself.

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  7. OK, so I'm in the closet now with my laptop. The oil burner is working as planned and vapor is coming off the edges like a waterfall. It looks so frickin cool right now. I took your advice sharpye and ran a tube under the door if I need fresh air. In about ten minutes the floor should be covered in a small pool of vapor. At that point I will come roaring through the vapor like a dragon, breathing in all the vapor like a weed monster. Lol. Also, the vapor isn't escaping anywhere which is good. 
  8. Yeeeah buddy! Enjoy yourself and report back to us when you're lit off your ass :D
  9. 0_0 my fingers are caterpillars and my arms giant noodles. I dont have legs anymore cause the vapor ate them but its all gucci cuz I dont need legs. I can levitate. when I listen to music i automatically dance. even though i cant dance for shit. when I close my eyes, im slurping up the milky way through a straw and im swimming through the cosmos. not really but really yes. gonna turn off the burner and stay in here till all the vapor is gone. dont want it pouring out, that would be a waste! Silly pants! Have a super fantabulous day! I feel like an infant like I dont know anything aobdut anything and im opening my eyes for the very 1st time. anywho have a fabulous day!  :metal:  :bongin:  :hide:  :bolt:  :yummy:   :smoking:
  10. #10 Spaghetti101, Jan 20, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 21, 2014
    I am out of my closest and i am peaking. I dont know what else to say cause its super duper hard to even type right now. 
  11. This is right up there with the stupidest threads ever.
  12. Fly free like a unicorn. Lol.
  13. Well sounds like someone is having a good time!Sent from my SPH-D710 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  14. That's got to be very inefficient, no matter where you stay some of the vapor will escape your lungs.  Smoke or vapor hanging around loses potency very quick.  If you had a small funnel and inhaled the vape as soon as it cam off the dish that would be a little better but really just taking a dab will be better than both ideas.
  15. You're totally right!   This is amazing idea for wasting huge amounts of perfectly good hash oil.

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