Amateur growing..REAL amatuer

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by stevieponiczz, Mar 13, 2002.

  1. Well i figured i'd try growing jsut to give me something to do. So far i got a decent sized pot and healthy soil with good nutrients. Still waiting o the seeds. I'm keeping the pot on a window sill in my sun room all day while i'm at school and like an additional 2 hours..then keep in closet for the night. I'm hoping i'll get at least a hlaf way decent plant. I'm still waiting for seeds. (gunan take em from a bag)

    My big question is the harvesting. I read you put the leaves on a cookie tray and put them under the broiler in your stove for a few seconds?

    I dont know what the hell 'm doing.
  2. Nay, take the whole plant (minus roots) and hang it in a dark room for a couple of weeks to dry out. if you try to roast them in the oven to dry out you are going to wind up with some really green and horrible tasting buds. its OK to do in a pinch but please not the whole plant.

  3. I'll second that.. Please don't be so cruel as to oven roast buds...that's just heartless....


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