Am I watering wrong ?

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    *****What I am asking for is people's physical method of watering their plants. I use a spraybottle and just pour it over the coco, but I make a mess when i remove the run off...****

    Once I start SCROG I can only imagine how am going to water it...

    Any Scrogers out there found a clean and simple way to hand water your plants? At least 2x a day?
  2. Am in coco...
  3. Looks like over watered but lm no expert at all mate best see what other people say
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  4. I've just learnt the hard way over watering lol I won't be making the same mistake again
  5. No I don't need help regulating how much to water.

    *****What I am asking for is people's physical method of watering their plants. I use a spray bottle and just pour it over the coco, but I make a mess when i remove the run off...****
  6. Ohh sorry my mistake some one will help you out
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  7. I just let my coco smart pots sit in their juices just like my organic smart pots.

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  8. I originally planned to buy a small plastic bin that I could place each plant in but that's some tedious shit.

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  9. Forgot to actually answer your question. I use a simple clear plastic cup for all my watering.

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  10. I drill a hole in the lid of a 2 liter soda bottle i cleaned out and duct tape some 1/4 inch tubing in it and water through the tube, helps not disturb the soil by limiting the flow. Most people do remove the runoff to avoid molds and mildews. They do look overwatered.
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  11. You never had bug problems by leaving the runoff just sit there?

    I just got done battling fungus gnats.
  12. image.jpeg image.jpeg
    How do you get the water to come out the tube? There no pressure system. Do you just tilt the bottle need be?

    I just watered my plants. So the soil looks damp. And she's recovering nicely form some extra training I did
  13. Not in my tent. No bugs as far as I know. I also put a peventative layer of Lava sand on top of my mediums so that might be my key to success.
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  14. Going to look up lava sand..

    I just saw this fancy looking device at Home Depot.... I believe it's called a shop vac!! This will be a life saver
  15. LIsten, when you pot your plant you want to fill it up as much as possible, and it will compress with watering, but always leave enough room at the top of the pot to water without running it over. Sounds like your pot is too full. These things need a very light arid soil...most of the time amended 40-50% with perlite, for ease of root movement and good drainage. You need good drainage out the bottom. My guess is you're watering way too often. If you pick that pot up and it doesn't feel like it did when you loaded it with dry soil, then it's not time. They do not like moisture sitting around their roots so it's imperative to allow them to dry out sufficiently between watering/feeding. If you're using box store soil, the stuff is loaded with slow release fertilizer so save yourself from frying your plants and don't give any nutes until the plant has grown some and gotten some size on it and had a chance to use up what came in the soil...which was a lot, most likely. During veg, they need good light, good soil, pH'd water and usually very little nutes. If you start them in small containers like Solo confine the amount of space they have to root into before they start back growing foliage, your plant will progress faster. When the plant is larger than the cup it's in (wider and taller), that usually means it's slightly root bound and time for a new pot. Pot up into fresh new soil (fresh nutes) one size up and do it over again. The less space it has to root into, the quicker it gets back to growing foliage. While it's rooting, the foliage will just sit there. Now those who grow autos don't subscribe to this method and say that autos don't like the stress of repotting. I don't know about that because I don't mess with auto strains. But if you're growing normal strains and are looking for the fastest way to grow your plant and get it ready for flowering, this is the best I've found. But over watering is the biggest killer of plants by new growers. Go read in the new grower threads here. There are several "sticky's" that contain the very basics that every grower needs to know to do this with as little stress and trouble as possible. TWW
  16. Sorry if I confused everyone with my unclear question.
    There's a lot of confusion on my thread, let me clear it up because my question had nothing to do with how much or how frequent I need to water.
    With that being said

    1) I am in COCO, so yes I water 2x times a day with minimal run off. Coco not soil.

    2) I hand water so my question was is there a easier way to HAND water my plant, because I was making a mess trying to remove runoff..

    Thank you for trying to help me but I'm just curious as to how other people hand water thier plants...
  17. I also use a pressure sprayer to keep the tops of my soil moist. The sprayer I bought is a simple pump sprayer, it has a long slender nozzle which makes it easy to get around and under my girls branches. I recommend you pick one up. It can also be a handy tool if you ever decide to make ice water hash. The pressure from the sprayer is great for getting the trichs that get stuck to the walls of bubble bags.
  18. Now that's some serious advise!

    Ya I like the idea of a sprayer and just vacuuming up the run off....
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  19. If you plan on using it to spray things other than plain water, I would recommend cleaning the nozzle and what not.

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