Am I using the right nutrients?

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  1. I have a single bubble bucket for a DWC and I was wondering if anyone has used these nutrients for hydro. General Hydroponics Go Box Starter Kit - Organic Fertilizer: Patio, Lawn & Garden

    I have a few plants growing in soil and I use these nutes, so will they work correctly in a hydro setup or should I use something different? This is my first hydro try so I'm not entirely sure. The product says you can use it for soil or soilless growing so I'm just looking for someone with more experience than I have to answer this question. Any input is appreciated!

  2. I use the GH Flora series 3-part nutrient solutions, they work great for hydro. Not sure about the Patio, Lawn & Garden stuff.
  3. If you are doing DWC, I assume that you have them in clay in baskets on buckets. The nutrients used for soiless (rockwool, coco, ect) are not the same that you would use in this set up. You can look up my CYCO thread and see what happens when you use something that should be used in 'soilless' when used with DWC or bubbleponics (water farm) with clay pellets, ect..
    Use a formula that is for HYDRO... GH/Adv Nute/Canna/H&G/ect.. all have formulas for hydro...
  4. ...they'll never be able to use organics in a hydro setup without all the problems...imo, if your going to grow hydro, stick with synthetic fertilizers...your just headed for a mess in your res using organics in a bottle, clogged pumps, clogged airstones, shit floating in your res, exc....I wouldn't even use organics in a bottle for my soil plants, personally.

    ....I use the "Lucas formula" in my hydro, you can google it if your's bullet proof, even for a novice.
  5. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Much appreciated and PLUS REP!


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