am i using the right ferts?

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    ahoy grasscity
    i'm planning my first grow. its a small cupboard that i'v turned into a very nice little SOG setup. my main growing medium is just plain potting soil. everythings hooked up but i just want to be certain i'm using the right ferts before i start the actual growing stage.
    this is what il be using for each stage:

    my veging stage will be 3-4 weeks with 24 hour lighting.
    i plan on mixing this shit called Bounce Back with the soil. I live in South Africa so there aren't any fertilizers specially designed to cater for marijuana's specific needs. Bounce back is high in N and P and has a decent amount of K. i'll then be using foliage spray for the remainder of veg. the spray is 19(N):8(P):16(K).

    i will be flowering my babies for about 12 weeks. i dont have a lot of height in my grow so i want my plants to be small but covered in budd. My light cycle will be 14/14. I read somewhere that it promotes more budd growth then 12/12. During this stage i plan on adding bonemeal to the soil and then feeding my crop with water (no extra nutes or ferts).

    So... How does this sound? any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated:D
  2. It seems alright. But for flowering you should use a nute with more P and K in it that N. something like PK13/14...
  3. Marijuana doesnt foliar feed...that spray is a waste of your time. You dont need specifics with marijuana really.

    Veg: higher N then both P and K
    Flower: Higher P and K then N

    If you dont have a lot of height room, check out LST or Scrog

    14/14? That isnt possible....unless you guys have 28 hour days in SA we actually just had a thread about this...even if you mean 14/10 which I think you are better of with 12/12
  4. thanks for the feedback. Marijuana not being able to folio feed kinda fucks me over.. the only ferts i really have access to are either folio feeds or stuff that ur meant to add to the soil once every 6 months..
    yeah iv been checking out LST which i'm definately gna try. Does SCROG actually increase yeild? im growing SOG for now but it wont be as effective as id like beceause i aint got space for clones... haha and as far as the 14/14 goes, isn't it posssible to go 14 on and 14 off? even if it overlaps into the next day....
  5. bonemeal is a phospate. the problem with it is i can only add it to the soil once. As for the K im lacking during flowing i was thinking of adding this big bug fert they use for roses.. its like pure pottassium. But again it can only be added to the soil once and id then have to work out what ratio to use it with the bonemeal
    thanks for your input tho
  6. im using 28 8 16. when i can apply nutes that is. i have added some of the nutes to the leaves only, and im germing a seed in a small pot with the first water to be nuted water...ima see how this turns out lol
  7. Well when you find a timer that lets you do 14/14 you let me know...However this is completely UNNATURAL for a plant considering our earth only operates on 24hr periods of time per day. More then likely you'll end up stressing it to the point of hermie.

    As far as your soil check out the organic section....that should help you out a bit more. Your kinda limited so it makes it a lot more difficult.
  8. couldnt you just set a timer for 14 hours of light and 10 hours of dark, but keep making changes to the timer?
  9. Yeah you could...but what happens if you forget...or cant be at home (for whatever reason) when you have to make the switch...just isnt worth the hassle 12/12 has worked for years...
  10. that may be true, but between those 14 hour shifts, you should be able to find some time to adjust the clocks. if you go out of town, at the start of a phase, switch to 12 12 for as long as your gone.
  11. Yeah i think 12/12 is the way to go. Rather safe then sorry ;).
    I'm actually just about to pop over to the nursery now... at about 3 il be able to tell u guys wat i have available and what i may have decided on
  12. Your risking stressing your plants to the point of isn't worth it....that's all I'm going to say
  13. dude dont worry. no one is using 14/14 here. this post is strictly for the 12/12 cycle. now lets talk ferts.
    for veg im adding a once off 3/3/3 fert to the soil and then using a liquid fert that is around 6/2/13
    for flower im adding bonemeal (phosphate) once off to the soil and then im using a liquid fert with 3/13/7
    sound legit?
    o ya and do plants increase in size (stems leaves etc) during a 12/12 ligh cycle (flowering)?
  14. It would be nice to have someone else chime in on this because Im not an expert (never done it) on adding ferts directly to the soil before planting and then doing it again at flowering when you transplant. I say you can sure as hell try it and I wish you the best but that isnt exactly advice.

    As far as the plant increasing in size, if its a sativa strain it definitely will shoot up on ya when you induce flowering. But as far as stems and leaves getting "bigger" then they would be in veg the answer is no. The plant does have a lot of node growth because it is preparing to put out as many pistils as it can.
  15. Aggrand has a great liquid fertilizer line including kelp, bonemeal and lime.
  16. [quote name='MidwestPothead']It would be nice to have someone else chime in on this because Im not an expert (never done it) on adding ferts directly to the soil before planting and then doing it again at flowering when you transplant. I say you can sure as hell try it and I wish you the best but that isnt exactly advice.

    shiit.. well i guess im just gna have to try it and see what happens. In the name if science i shall boldy fertilize in a way that no man has fertilized before (to the best of my knowledge):bongin:.
    Im so keen to get this grow going. My last set back is my cupboard isn't completeyly sealed. So before i can start growing some marijuana i have to find a caulking gun and sealant....
    wish me luck chaps

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