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am i tripping? plz answer and help. be nice tho

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ValleyGodsGift, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. okay. so i smoked exaclty 6-7 bowls of some top shelf stuff, you see the crytals from a mile away, it was some sour grape hardball. so i smoked 1 bowl by myself while having an over the phone smoke session with my cousin that was outta town. then i smoked a bowl wit my *****a. then after about an hour of walking we smoked 4-5 more bowls in a bathroom, finished off the quite a bit of weed we had. then we walked to a liqour store. saw some *****s and said wassup, i felt like i couldnt quit moving. and we were smoking a black nd mild, then a chick comes up, hot AF and starts talking, nd looks right n my eyes and says i like your sweatshirt ive noticed before that i talk weird when high, so i was quiet i would look at her, then as soon as she looked at me i would look away, she asked if i made her nervous, my friends answered for me "hes jus high af" and she said oh okay. then she left after a minuite. i kept talking after she left, i can talk to close friends with no problem, but im quiet, like my voice is so quiet that people have to ask "what?" and everytime i get high i feel a paranoia/social anxiety when high. and i feel like i cant talk for shit. any thoughts on this? plz help me im trippin out over here, is this normal? or what should i do? if i got on paranoia/anxiety meds, would it make my high more enjoyable? plz do comment and help. toke on, one love
  2. well id say dont smoke as much. ur just gettin too keyed man :D

    also dont combine anti-anxieties with pot, it tends to lead to shizo breakouts. ssri's plus pot = sometimes good sometimes bad.
  3. Maybe you shouldn't smoke weed - if it brings on anxiety shit then you need to be able to deal with it (which I don't think you can by the sounds of it) or just do everything possible to avoid it.
  4. if she made me nervous*
  5. well, im actually a popular kid around town, i know prolly 85% of people around town, im very sociable, everyone likes me, the girl wanted my dick. but i was high i jus made myself look stupid, i used to smoke alot asnd be fine, a normal high, then onetime, i smoked a blunt of with some random black dread head outside my local liqour store, and i did all this, but beyond it like to the extreme ever since i get like this. i jus wanna get back to gettin high but bein on my level. nd if i smoke jus a bowl or more i get like this, so should i jus take like 1 hit nd wait for awhilee. what should i tell my friends, i feel like im pussin out like a 13itch... i jus wanna go back to my normal smokin times. i really feel like this might cause me to quit smoking.
  6. Cant tell if trolling...

  7. watchu mean bruhh? any advice tho? im feelin like this girl might think im some crack headed ass nikka but i know imma see her tomorrow, and i plan on getting a brownie from my best dealer, it will be my first edible. shjould i do it when alone? i wanna be able to hit on her and pull a number or something, basically, i needa know how to get nice n high while stayin on my level.
  8. You need to calm down. When you smoke, either sit in a park or a house etc. Walking about will make you pretty tired and you'll see alot of people. You seem like the type of person who gets paranoid when you see someone.
    Sit down, smoke, chill and listen to some music. I can guarantee you'll feel amazing once you learn to not focus on small things.
  9. Get plastered on booze man, that will help loosen you up. :p also if you act less racist then you may find that you become more confident.

  10. thanks man, u prolly the most helpful 1 yet. im buyin a ank sac today. best shit in town. as im told. so imma bring some headphones and me nd my partna are finna jus chill and relax and smoke till we feel it. hopefully its a better trip, idk, but the talking part always happens not matter what. is my brain like fryed and err time i smoke its makes me talk weird?

  11. beer or any alcohol wouldbe hard to get till like next week. but anyways, im not a racist bro. i love all races. and i jus think if err1 smoked, the whole world would be like that, and jus be one happy smoke placee. xcept for like kkk people. there broken forever
  12. [quote name='"ValleyGodsGift"']

    beer or any alcohol wouldbe hard to get till like next week. but anyways, im not a racist bro. i love all races. and i jus think if err1 smoked, the whole world would be like that, and jus be one happy smoke placee. xcept for like kkk people. there broken forever[/quote]

    He was reffering to your use of the n-word.
  13. Your buying wayy too much weed for a guy who is struggling with anxiety.
  14. Minor alert.

    err1 ? Seriously.
  15. Work on it. Get more experience around new people high and fix whatever's bringing down your confidence. Even if it is only when your high. Up to you, that simple.

    I bet you his friends were white lol

    Read the rules, don't post like that.
  16. [quote name='"420Falcons"']Minor alert.

    err1 ? Seriously.[/quote]

    Who cares bro, smoke one. You're not a mod are you.

    And ^^ yeah they're probably white lol
  17. The same thing happens to me when I'm high. I find the best way to deal with it is not to worry. Just let yourself be quiet. No one cares, they're all probably high too. If some one tries to talk to you and you know they'll be cool with it, tell them you're high as hell and you can't concentrate.
  18. i did better today, but i also lot a joint with 1 gram in it, before i smoked, it was windy and it flew outta my ear, before i realized we wer long gone.. and naww, i was chillin wit some mexican nortes then wit some black crips
  19. #19 Stealf, Mar 25, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 25, 2012
    When I'm trippin.. I'm just like damn I'm a pussy ancient people used to smoke this shit by the ounce.. Then I forget Im sketching cause I'm too busy thinking about what anicent people used to do.
  20. i see so many of these. just calm down when you smoke, chill out and just enjoy it holy crap.

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