Am I the only person here who's pro-life?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Sproggs, May 4, 2011.

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  1. Note: If you don't want to play with Pandora then don't open the box!

    It seems like all my friends and many Blades are all pro choice these days, and I don't understand it to be honest. I too often here the defense that "its the woman's body, its her choice what she wants to do with it." Or "Without abortions, young teenage girls won't be able to go to college or successfully find work." And to be honest, neither of those arguments make sense to me.

    First: It is most definitely NOT the mother's body, it is the baby's, who didn't choose to be born into this world.

    Second: If you're old enough to choose to have sex, you're old enough to accept the consequences that come with it. You KNOW the moment you decide to penetrate that vagina that there is a chance that the rest of your life may never be the same and that could very well mean hardships, struggles, and regret. Well guess what? You learned that in say..what, 2nd grade(?) what happens when a mommy and a daddy really love each other.

    I'm not trying to infringe on anyone's rights, I'm just trying to make a point. The only time I view abortion as acceptable is if the mother's life could be in danger or if she was raped and became pregnant.

    What do the Blades have to say? Am I a bad person? Am I trying to take away your rights? What say you?
  2. The planet is already over populated enough as is....
  3. I really don't give a fuck so I guess that makes me.... Pro choice :confused:

    but ya abortions are awful I think and I'd never get one... but if someone does then that's one less mouth to feed.
  4. You may not be trying to infringe on anyone's rights, but you support a side that does call for that. The way I see it, it's up to the mother. If she isn't ready to take on the responsibility of raising a child, she shouldn't be forced to. I'd rather have that fetus aborted(and I know, it could have fingernails) than make somebody raise a child in a bad situation- including but not limited to lack of money, poor motherly skills(for lack of a better term), etc.

    That's just my opinion though.
  5. Like I said in my original post though...if she's old enough to have sex, she's old enough to understand the consequences that could be associated with it. Same goes for the guy, too.

    As for raising the child in a home that's less than perfect, that's what adoption is for.

  6. No you're not the only one. But the left has quite successfully bullied anyone who disagrees with them on certain issues into submission. It's gotten to the point where normal, everyday Americans are scared to voice their opinions on certain issues or else be demonized by the liberals.
  7. Pro choice.

    Woman's choice.

    Abortion is needed.

    Thank GOD for abortion.
  8. Whoa whoa whoa, easy there Seabiscuit I said nothing of liberals. I'm not looking to turn this thread into a political battle. Most of my views on subjects are "liberal", but I don't claim left wing or right wing.

    Ok? Thanks for the opinion I guess, lol.
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    Pro choice.


    'A 1986 survey conducted by the National Foster Care Education Project found that foster children were 10 times more likely to be abused than children among the general population. A follow-up study in 1990 by the same group produced similar results.[17]'

    Fuck the us adoption system in it's abominable child molesting asshole.
  10. If you haven't noticed a trend of certain people on the left demonizing and bullying anyone and everyone into submission who voice viewpoints that are contrary to their cause, then listen harder.
  11. I'll repeat myself, I don't want to turn this into a politics thread.
  12. Fair enough. I'm pro-life because I'd be pissed if someone aborted me (yes I know I woudn't be alive to know:rolleyes:). Life is such a wonderful experience that can be enjoyed without a dime to your name or even a roof over your head. So the notion that some people should be aborted because they would have a bad childhood or whatever is bologna. Humans adapt. It's what we do, it's how we got this far. I don't know anyone my age who routinely says "gee golly I wish I was aborted". :laughing:
  13. In case it was missed.:smoke:
  14. Because only liberals do that, right? :poke:

  15. So because someone might possibly suffer abuse as a child that would leave wounds, that can be overpowered and healed from the persistence of Humankind and the healing power of time, we should just remove their god-given right to life? That's ridiculous and irrational.
  16. I didn't see that, I only saw your "Pro Choice :p" haha.

    I'm not really familiar with the US adoption system, but those studies don't sound accurate to me. All of the children that I've met that have been adopted seem perfectly healthy and happy to me. I even knew a black girl in elementary who was adopted by white parents who lives a perfectly normal, happy life. Adoption is better than death anyways, happiness is what you make of it.

    Third time I'm saying this :rolleyes: can we PLEASE not talk politics here? I hate politics in all honesty and don't want to talk about them in this thread. Just because I'm bringing up an issue that politics talk about, doesn't mean we have to bring politics into this.

    Thanks! :D
  17. Whether you like it or not you do not currently, legally, have the right to force someone to have a child and thus deliver it into servitude.

    You might think that it's okay that people get raped at 10 times the normal rate in foster homes but most people don't.

    Abortion is legal. Get the fuck over it. Sorry. I'm havin 10 abortions tomorrow and you can't do shit. J/k.:smoke:
  18. Allow me to extract the gist of GreyMatter's post incase the rest of you missed it.

    He's saying a few thing:
    1. (and btw this is his main point) Abortion is legal, so I don't have to come up with an actual argument for why it's morally okay.

    (GreyMatter fails to mention that slavery used to be legal. Yes slavery, an awful violation of human rights.)

    2. He's putting words into my mouth (referencing foster care)

    3. He is actually a she and is pregnant with 10 human lives and is going to just kill them all because she's irresponsible and has no regard for human life. Now I'm not saying you're a slut, per se, but I am saying only a disgusting filthy slut would abort 10 children (unless she got pregnant from rape)
  19. LMAO.

    Except I'm a male.

    Nice try though.

    It was an incredible fail though.

    Edit: let me extrapolate this from your post: You are new to the interwebz and do not know what j/k means.
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    And GreyMatterTripp's reasoning for his stance on abortion is..........wait for it..............

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