Am I the only one?

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  1. :confused:For the last 3 years or so, I have been unable to wear jeans. They just started fitting way too tight, no matter how much i played with the sizes, sometimes they would be comfortable standing up or sitting down but never both. I also have to wear very loose boxer shorts. I just feel like I dont have enough space for my junk if you know what I mean. I've been forced to wear sweatpants, track pants, and just plain loose clothing because if I wear anything that is not elastic, I will feel as if my circulation is being cut on the pits of my legs and, again, my junk. Im not fat, Im 5'11 and 185-90 lbs. The only reason I can think for this sudden change is I went from 165-70 lbs to my current weight, and the only part of my body that was readily visible as having had changed was my butt. I think that that is the main reason for jeans not fitting well anymore, they always feel like the bottom stitching on the crotch is not nearly low enough for my junk. Does anyone else have this problem? I feel like such a fashion outcast, always dressing up like a eastern european :(
  2. Try Levi's 514's? They give me extra room for the baby maker. Idk, depends on the person though.
  3. ill take that into consideration. ive been looking for good jeans forever
  4. Wrangler advertises that they have extra comfortable jeans because of the U shape they make them with. They're not my style but you could probably try those out.
  5. i hate jeans too these days omg. they feel like i'm wearing cardboard. i thought guys' jeans were more comfortable though.
  6. Ohh no, not again
  7. It's the way they are all cut now. It that straight leg skinny jean fad. I have had about the same 4 pair of jeans that I have worn for about 3 winters now. I can not find anything that fits right now. Pisses me off
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    ya i wear jeans when i go out but i have to wear them a good 3 days in a row to get even remotely comfortable. when i get home they come right off and i throw on b ball shorts or pajama pants.

    i dont like the way they feel tight around my legs either and when i sit down especially they squeeze my package really bad. the tighness makes me feel claustraphobic and i dont like it at all. this leads to me wearing baggy pants and i dont like how it makes me look gangster. i used to dress that way when i was younger but now i just dress normal and people will still tell me i look gangster but i dont try to be at all. and im always sagging my pants also cuz the crotch isnt low enough... i dont think i have some giant monster dick, its a good size but damn... who are they making these jeans to fit?

    p.s the eastern european thing has had me laughing for like 5 minutes lol. its so true tho, i wish that kind of stuff was in style.... these kids today are weird. the other day my gf is like these kids must all have tiny dicks cuz u wear normal pants and i can see your buldge but they wear girl pants and you cant see shit lol.
  9. get a pair of levi's relaxed jeans?

    They're still gonna feel like jeans. But the relaxed ones are good if you don't wanna feel like you're wearing kevlar on your legs. I don't know how all of these people wear skinny jeans. Even if you're skinny regular jeans are already are as shit and just feel really tight when you're moving around...(unless you buy those extrasoft jeans that wear out every year and cost an arm and a leg)
  10. [ame=]Official Pajama Jeans Infomercial - YouTube[/ame]

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