Am I The Only One With This Issue?

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  1. Alright yall. I'm pretty new to smoking. I live in the Bahamas on a Navy Base where everything you do is sketchy. I currently work at a general store on the base, and when I get off, all I do is toke with my friends off the base. We go down and get some ''Balls'', aluminum foil wrapped weed for $5.00, and it is usually 2/3's a gram each ball, because the Bahamian dealers are too poor to afford scales. The is some low grade stuff, but I don't judge any home grown stuff.

    Ok, so every single day for the past month or so I have been toking up blunts. Straight backwoods, bought all close to home. I am currently on medication, however and I think it interferes with the high.

    When I smoke a third of a blunt, I get REALLY HIGH! Like, it is ridiculous and sometimes very embarrassing when I am on the verge of passing out from several hits. I thought it could have been my tolerance, but I have been smoking everyday for a month, and on and off since age 15. I don't remember having this in my teen years, but I am pretty sure this is new.

    The other day, off-base we rolled up a backwoods next to the water (the beach is only a third of a mile away from my house, it is beautiful), and it was the four of us. Just me and my bud where gonna smoke though, because the other two where pooped out from smoking so much. We shared that blunt, and polished it off, hoped in the car and drove off.

    As soon as I stepped in the car, everything froze. I was struggling to breath, and my friend was like, "Damn Luke, you ok?" I said no. I never say no to that question. I was so heavy, and my jacket was killing me, so the second I took it off and felt the cool breeze on my chest, I felt OVERWHELMING euphoria. Almost crippling in nature. I was chilled out to the absolute max, and fear I was going to black out. I had to put my head down, because every time I picked it up and looked out the window, I felt like vomiting. I puked prior to this experience hitting on one blunt, but I didn't get this high. I am afraid and embarrassed now every time I smoke, because I don't want to flip out like that again.

    I am no scrony lightweight, I am 6 feet tall, 250 lbs. I guess I could rule it out to the medication, but still....


    I have pretty mild hallucinations, including that 'Frame by Frame' vision, Tunnel Vision, Difficulty Focusing, and so on. I get stupid when I smoke, and I want it to stop. I do enjoy the anti-depressant effect of marijuana, and the relaxation, but becoming brain-dead after a hit is just.... embarrassing.
  2. All I can say to that is to smoke less each session... I haven't had experience with being on medication during though, but just inhale less, take a shorter breath. Also not holding in as long helps too, assuming that's the problem. But everyone can get craaaazy like that when they get super high, I still sometimes do. :smoking::)

  3. You're right. Moderation is always key, but it is almost like I don't feel the high for just 2 hits, and then at 3-6 hits, I get stupid. It is like there is no ''High'', only 'Stupid High'.
  4. cant talk about any of that shit here

    dude just smoke less last time. why do you have to smoke so much just for the sake of finishing a blunt? to live up to some expectation? pace yourself and get as high as you are comfortable with
  5. God damn it get this off of here mods
  6. We can't really tell you OP, you should consult your doctor.

    Though it could be related to an intolerance to tobacco, laced/cut weed, low blood sugar and a million other things.
  7. Diabetes? Tobacco killing your lungs? I dunno.
  8. All my friends smoked with me, so it wasn't cut or laced. I am considering the flashbacks thing, but I guess we aren't aloud to talk about that here. I just don't think I should be reacting this way, maybe it is the low blood sugar thing.
  9. I'm almost jealous, I would love to get a good high going off just a couple hits, would save a lot of money. Why not just take a few hits until you're happy with where you're at, and then call it a day? Let your friends finish it off

  10. Yeah I am taking a week off the stuff, and I will go back and try again.
    I mean, I HAVE been smoking everyday, it is putting a real damper on my pockets.


    Then again, when can $5 fill a nice fat backwoods paper?
  11. yeah, if you're buying weed from some jamaican wrapped in tin foil, you're gonna have a bad time.

    you're better off drinking a beer or 12 for a nice buzz.

    and you talk about the cost, beer is much cheaper than herb and it actually has some health benefits and doesnt make you paranoid.
  12. what medication are you on? this could definitely be the problem man
  13. A little sensitive are we? :p

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  14. On 150 mg Zoloft...
    The tin foil weed is the only thing you can buy here, and it is the Bahamas, not Jamaica. This is Andros Island, not Nassau. On Nassau, you get a lot of good stuff, crip. Off base it is pure 3rd world shit, very ghetto and it is hard to be driving around all white and shit looking for a deal. It is a tight community, so you can't just walk on the streets chiefing, you gotta go down to the beach and toke. It is nice... really nice.

  15. A 6 pack of beer is $15.00 here. Alcohol isn't cheap, unless you want some moon shine or something. Plus, $5.00 get me and 2 friends high, much better then buying beer.
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