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Am I the only one who never feels edibles?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Lebowski, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. I've tried to get high off of MJ food about 20 seperate times now.

    I've never been higher than 1 hit off a pipe after. It doesnt work for me.

    I've had a few homemade, cheap edibles, but i've also had high quality, made by a real chef in a real kitchen, edibles, usually made with high quality product (i usually find em made with hash or kif). These are things that everyone else is getting blasted off of.

    Recently, I ate a hash made baked candy, that everyone was telling me I should only eat half of. The people who ate a full one said they felt like they were on mushrooms or LSD. I ate it FIRST THING in the morning WITH a glass of milk.... NOTHING. I smoked a bowl 4 hours later to get high.

    I've met a few other people like me, maybe 2 or 3, who have never been able to acheive any effect from eddies.
    Are any of you in the same boat?

    I still don't know for sure what is different about us.

    I did discuss one explanation with the owner of a dispensary- digestive enzymes. We all have different digestive enzymes to digest different things, but some of us might have lower levels of some than others.

    I think we may not have enough of the enzyme that is good at digesting THC.

    I was going to do some experiments, where I would take herbs and medicines to boost my digestive cultures and enzymes, and take an edible and note the effects.
    I havent tried this yet but was planning it.
  2. Thats weird cause every single time ive eaten firecrackers or brownies ive gotten megabaked

  3. Consider yourself lucky. I get really jealous when people start describing how ultra high they were... because i've never been there.

    And I've met 2 or 3 ppl who are like me- tried over 10 times, never had any effect.

    Recently, on about 3 occasions I turned down offers for a free edible, saying give it to someone who will enjoy it, I wont. :(
  4. I've yet to try anything beyond firecrackers, but they've never worked for me.

  5. I know its not the edibles themselves- i've split a huge brownie in half with a friend, both of us hadnt eaten yet (it was about noon). He got smashed, eyes glazed over, couchlocked. I felt nothing. Nothing at all, no difference.
  6. Are you overweight? No disrespect, but this has a lot to do with it.
  7. do you smoke A LOT? that could be a reason, prolly not but just trying to help
  8. Extra fat doesnt have much to do with it. Being a big guy originally does. Are you a big guy without being O.W?
  9. Yeah that's what I meant really I just couldn't find another word lol

    Edit: Are you the size of a heavyweight boxer or more?
  10. thats happened to me before, but then i went to my buddies hosue and made some more with some dank and u know we had to eat some.. and i was expecting to be fucked up as usual, but stayed sober, did the same thing like a week later and i got sedated and was chinky eyed as a muuuuuuthhha
  11. try eating something from a medical dispensary packaged up and all that.
    eat that on an empty stomach, and smoke a blunt like 45 minutes later. if you arent incredible loaded there is something wrong with u!! :(

    dont trip tho! fuCK edibles get me all tired and unproductive not wanting to do shit . fucks up my whole day .
  12. This is probably the most likely explanation, I know you're not the only one. For every drug there's a small amount of people who have abnormal reactions, for example, I know someone who, when taking DXM, feels nothing for about 3-4 hours, then becomes completely disfunctional for a while. It's gotta just be something your liver is missing or something. That sucks man. If you do try to boost your digestive enzymes or anything, I wish you the best of luck. Be sure you post back if you have any success.
  13. edibles are only good for lazy days. I made a firecracker when I saw batman and it got me a high comparable to the beginning of an lsd trip .
  14. I don't generally eat edibles anymore coz they knock me on my ass

    ..the high is too intense and too "body" for me ..just doesn't feel nice
    I can smoke a ton of weed and enjoy it but I regret it if I even have just one brownie
  15. i have tried edibles lots of times. i wouldent say it doesnt work but i would eat it and feel like i wanna barf for about an hour and then it kicks in for me but not that strong at all and it lasts for about 30 mins and dies off. i would get more high if i smoked a j between 4 people. my friend makes them all the time and passes them around to alot of people they all get diffrent reactions like some people it takes hours to kick in and other 30 mins but they all get high except for me. im sure it doesnt have to do with body weight or how often i smoke. some of my friends are heavier than me some are lighter and we all smoke about the same

  16. No, i'm underweight, skinny.

    The first few times were homemade, but the bulk were from dispensaries. I did the most powerful one I got on an empty stomach in the morning.
  17. ive tried edibles multile times too and have never gotten high. i think i just have an extremely high metabolism.
  18. I mean if you get high from smoking obviously it isn't like your body can't take in thc..
    so I mean I dunno what to say!
    keep trying,up your doses and remember empty stomach is key on edibles.

    other than that! stick to smoking if your just wasting your weed..:D
  19. Ive tried firecrackers 5 times from 5 or 4 different people and I never felt it. I feel like a waste a G each time. :(
  20. im with you, i think metabolism has alot to do with it because i have a fast one

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