am i the cow that jumped over the moon?

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Aug 7, 2003.


am i the cow that jumped over the moon?

  1. Yes, of course you are

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  2. no!

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  3. you really are the village idiot

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  1. i dunno you tell me
  2. i thought it was a llama....

  3. spork?
  4. no, in fact you are not the cow that jumped over the moon. you are just dr_krapp.
  5. you are the village eeeeediot!

    i mean that fondly of course. ;) :)

    did they ever actually send a cow intow space to follow the path of that oh so famous jumping cow?

  6. Ja jA JA JaA
  7. when did this happen. i never heard of anything jumping over the moon.
  8. well i dont think they did send a cow out but we shud start a charity for it and send a cow over the moon
  9. here a good one. how did they come up with nersery rymes? i mean was some guy trpping? lol :p
  10. its like i've always said about childrens TV, there are only two types. Sexually inspired, or Psychadelically inspired. (the third is educational/propaganda, but most often they can still fall into the two main catagories. i suspect its the same for nursery ryhmes.
  11. ^that really does make sense^
  12. I think the real question is who the Hell was the wanker that ran away with my spoon?!?
  13. that was me, and stop calling me a wanker!

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