Am I Screwed?

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  1. So I have another problem arisen today from some of my little girls who were brought into my flower room a few weeks ago. I have a couple of plants with branches I cut off today that have hermaphrodited. I'll post extra pictures later, but only the branches I cut off have hermaphrodited nothing but flowers on the rest of my plants. How screwed am i in terms of these plants doing it again?

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  2. Hermies can be induced from growing conditions being poor too hot, too dry, etc. In nature if a field of cannabis plants is having a rough season, lets say a dry spell. This causes a chemical reaction in the plant and can cause naturally occurring female plants to become male or hermies because more pollen equals more offspring. Allowing better chances of survival for the colony.

    So for your question if the mother has produced many successful clones then it's caused by poor growing conditions in the clone room. But if this is a new mother i'd say to get rid of the plant because it is probably bad genetics.

    Alternatively if time or money isn't an issue. If say remove the mother from the rest and see if you can get female clones. If more hermies occur after the second cuttings then get rid of the mother plant.

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