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Am I overpaying for my weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kostadcr420, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. OK, so I've been paying $70-80 for a quarter since I've started buying from my friend's friend. I've always gotten better than average stuff and last time it was apparently from BC. Last night I got some really sticky and smelly weed and we smoked it but I didn't really get high (I hadn't smoked in several days so you'd think I would have). Anyway, if I put up a couple of pictures would you be able to tell me if I'm overpaying for this stuff or should I keep buying from him?

    a couple of things to know

    - apparently I'm being given a discount

    - besides this guy, every other dealer I know is very small-time and I'm being led to believe that this is some of the best stuff I can get here in my area (southern Ontario)
    - my dealer doesn't specialize in dealing weed and he's doing this as a favor because he's a good friend of one of my best friends. I could potentially try to get in contact with the person he gets the weed from
    - the "BC kush" he sold me last time was without a doubt the best stuff I had smoked in my life so far. Too bad it's finished :(

    I've attached two pictures of the current stuff, taken with my iPhone so I don't know how good the quality of the image is.


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  2. You're paying way too fucking much
  3. 70-80 for a quarter sounds good to me lol
  4. Who knows, you cant honestly judge quality 100% via the overall look. I've had dirt brown nasty looking weed that was the smoothest nicest smoke I've ever had.

    There is something called "bag appeal" and some of the best smoke i've ever had had zero bag appeal.

    Price wise, i dunno man for ontario that seems steep. Considering its $60 a quarter here in Seattle I'd think there would be roughly $50-$60 as well.
  5. Looks like some decent weed son.
  6. I'm n ot sure of BC prices but I thought there were really cheap
    But for my area a quarter of that would set you back 170ish unless you know a grower then it would be more like 50-60 bucks
  7. im in quebec and i wouldnt pay 70-80 for quarter of that. id be expecting half o for that much.

  8. Bro 170 for a quarter?! You're getting hustled I don't care where you are no place is that expensive
  9. I very much agree...
    140 TOP for kush
  10. i would fucking kill for a quarter forthat price.

    I pay 100-110 for a quarter of top shelf, never good dank for less than 90 a quarter.
  11. 140 for a quarter? thats crazy talk lol i would never pay more then 90 for a quarter of dank. i understand prices vary but seriously 140 is a lot of money for 7 grams of weed
  12. #12 s7exiled, Nov 17, 2011
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  13. I live In Alberta and I don't pay over 60 for a quarter (7gs) of kush but dude that looks like some Mexican dirt weed ya got there
  14. For anywhere in southern Ontario, $80 is too much. The most you should have to pay is $60, even if it's some of the best you've ever had.

    Where in southern Ontario do you live?
  15. i live in rockland county, 40 minutes outside of nyc and i have to pay 110 for a quarter of pretty much the same stuff you have...and im not getting hustled...the whole county is like that
  16. around my area (long island ny), it's ridiculous for a quarter to be lower than 90.

    the best prices is when your buying a whole ounce, and that's minimum 300 unless you know someone.
  17. ya man sixty sounds more reasonable. find a guy that mostly deals weed instead of someone that doesn't normally even sell it. that's probably where you're getting ripped off.
  18. damn i pay from $90-120 for a quarter
  19. well 80 for en eigth of dank is a great price compared to where i live. but from the pics u posted it seem like hes skimping. unless those nugs are wayy bigger in real life. ive had weed that looks just like that, and i remember it being fluffy ( looks more than what it really is)as hell. u should put a coin or something to compare it to.
  20. Here in Norway the weed/hash goes for 26USD/GRAM. Now thats a sick pricing!

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