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  1. Okay so i just chilled with this girl just me and her and i need some advice on what to do next?

    Im a senior in highschool. Her friend told me that she wants me to bring her to prom, and she even told me so idk if this is a good sign or she just needs a friendly date.( i told her friend i was gunna ask her today but havent yett)

    Anyways when we hungout i felt like i didnt connect with her as much as i would have liked to. I find a lot of eye contact while telling stories and stuff like that brings a deep connection between people and i did that however i stil think it could have went smoother.

    she did hit me alot playfully. And we ended up going to a field toking up and laying down beside each other. Im not sure what i should do next though cause ive been on 20+ dates in my life and im just ready for a relationship because i havent been in a legit one yet.

    She just texted me a little while ago and im not sure how i should play this? Should i
    1. Ignore her texts and in person for a few days so she misses my attention, howver this could cause her to loose interest OR

    2. Message her back and just keep talking to her, this could be bad tho cause it could cause her to not "WANT" me

    Advice on what to do from here?
  2. good thing you are asking what to do cuz you have no grasp on the situation it seems

    you should keep talking to her. the only way to make someone interested in you more is to keep talking to her and give her something to be interested in. if you just ignore her then she will think you arent interested in her and thus ruin everything.

    you need to text her and talk to her like normal. no reason to pretend to ignore her. thats just dick and playing games which chicks hate. tell her you know her prom is coming up and you wondered if she was going. kinda play it off like you didnt talk to her friend and that you werent sure of how her feelings were toward you.

    she obviously likes you if she is comfortable to hang out alone with you and lay in the grass and just chill. so its a safe bet that she would be happy to go with you.

    if you drop this ball then you will hate yourself later and just feel like an ass. its a golden opportunity and you shouldnt let it go.

    but tell her that you were gonna ask her earlier but you just kinda lost the nerve but you really like her and that you would like to take her to the prom thing.

    end of story.
  3. i agree with the guy above, no need to ignore because judging by what you've told us, she probably likes you. how far away is prom?
  4. Astro righteous is right. She's making this really easy for you. She wants you to ask and you want to ask so just do it and don't complicate things. Don't assume she's just looking for a friendly date either. Pointlessly ignoring her and approaching the date from the friendzone will sabotage any relationship you ever hope to have with her.
  5. You have a nice girl that smokes.I have had to live 19 years with a woman thats all red making my life a living hell.Be happy go dance get to know her more.Why not WB
  6. Well I think they all said it better than I can. Sounds like its time to nut up or shut up, if you like her just go for it. Be confident, chicks always dig that
  7. Pretty much says it all. Take her to the prom, and go from there. She may want a relationship just as bad as u do.
  8. Ignoring texts and being an asshole is for girls you just want to have a one night stand with. You do that to bar sluts with daddy issues.

    If she's the real deal, don't do that.

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