am i LSTing right? first time.. pics inside

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  1. these are 2 different plants.. one a sativa (bigger) and one an indica (smaller)


  2. I would use copper hooks inserted into the soil, and actually hook it between the nodes (not down near the base of the plant as you have). And move those CFLs closer, they are doing next to nothing.
  3. wait til the plant gets taller.................
  4. okay thanks will do!
  5. nice tripod light!
  6. thanks! it does the job.
  7. I like to use pipe cleaners, very long and easy to use and re-adjust as well as soft on the plant and you don't have to drill any holes or screws. Wait tell 7 or 8 inches to bend.

  8. good idea im stealing it :smoking:
  9. I, too, use pipe cleaners. Not for LST but to pull the dominant branches back down to the other ones in my ScroG.
  10. I'm poor so I grab some wire cutters and a wire hanger. A snip and bend and here you go!

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  11. Pipe cleaners own this in every way, really man you can't afford three dollars?
  12. My old lady just had octuplets so no, I don't have $3 laying around for pipe cleaners right now. Explain to me why pipe cleaners "own" wire hooks and maybe I'll go shoplift some. I'm always intersted in a better way! Thanks!:yay:
  13. Any time you train a plant without breaking anything you are Low Stress Training. The wire ties are are pipe cleaners, or most any implement of bondage. I use elastic ponytail bands and paper clips. I also use wire bent into hooks...It's all good so long as it holds the plants where you want them and doesn't cut into the stems.
  14. knuckle get rid of your sig
  15. Yeah you're doing right. eventually you well come to something that looks like this, which is a picture from one of my lst'd plants
    EDIT: I've gotten a lot further with my LST now, but thats just basically what it will look like

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