Am i looking at this preflower correctly??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Thedarkside53, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. Hey so started researching preflowers...tell me what you think? My eyes may be deceiving me but i see a a fem pushing out her first white hair.

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  2. I don't see anything as far as preflowers. If your looking at the big skinny thing in the middle of your pic, that's not a preflower. Preflowers will be in between that thing and the growth in between the node

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  3. Shit i was hoping that what a preflower was bc i thought i spotted a white hair. Trying to figure if my babies are girls or boys
  4. I think that's called a stipule[​IMG]

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  5. Hey man thanks for letting me know. Now i see preflowers that popped up last night. I know too early to tell and so small my phone cant take that good of a pic. But here it is. Do they grow pretty fast? Trying to see how long before i can forsure tell if its male or female
  6. Can't tell for sure yet, looks like it might be kinda ball shaped. Are you running your lights 12/12? Or still in veg

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  7. I know its scary lol. Im still in veg, was thinking of switching to flower bc they are about 2 and a half feet tall and i didnt want them getring taller than about 4 to 5 feet. Currently running 22 on 2 off
  8. Well switching to 12/12 i mean by flowering but yeah, espcially since its showing its bout mature enough anyways..and to my naked eyes they looked sadly like ball shape..kinda spade. Which from my reading are male. What you think, just go ahead and shove into flower?
  9. Nice how long have you been vegging for? I'd say you can flip it now haha but up to you

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  10. Too early to tell. There are no pistils in the pics you posted.
    Give it some time.
  11. Yeah lol ive been considering it prob let it go one more week. But it sprouted june 2nd and ive had it on 22on 2 off ever since

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