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Am I just too used to it?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by CommieNerd, May 9, 2011.

  1. I make cookies, cake, etc and what should be knocking me out barely makes me relaxed. I used 1/2 oz of dro and made 24 cookies. I eat two and am relaxed but not high. Is it me or what?
  2. how are you making them?
  3. grind up your dank more maybe? before you mix it in the butter?
    Is it schwag?
    How much do you smoke on the reg?

    I think if you eat/smoke the same strain a lot, its effects are less noticable
  4. take a mofuckin break
  5. I vape a bowl or two a night. That's about it. It's not schwag, its decent stuff, and I used a bean grinder. I didn't make the butter this time, just threw it in.
  6. I have a couple suggestions I would like for you to ponder:

    1. You must extract THC and/or CBD in a fatty solvent, like butter or cooking oil. If you do not do this and there is a fat in your recipe, you will still manage to get THC/CBD into your end product, however it's likely that you may not have gotten as much THC/CBD into your goods as desired, which results in edible FAIL, or as you put it, "a relaxed feeling."

    2. One thing about edibles that I just learned is that if your system has more THC/CBD in it than goes into your cooking, you will not feel any effects. So, if you burn through a OZ a week, you will need to use more plant in your oil/fat, than someone who only burns through an OZ a decade. If you wish to lower your tolerance, abstain. (Yes, I know that this may sometimes be easier said than done. :) Hope that helps in the future!

  7. Well, the people who made the recipie said its really strong, but I think your right. I use about half an oz a month, or less but I think the THC and CBD was cooked out. I tried the canabutter recipie I have but it was the same. I wonder what I'm doing wrong.
  8. You will need to use significantly more then you would smoke to get the same high (i.e. if I got baked off of .5g I would need say .9g for edibles). The tradeoff is that edibles last for longer.
  9. Then I will double my next batch. Thanks guys.
  10. Honestly I won't bake with less than 7g's of hash. Thats what I need to feel an edible high. With more experience you will find out what works for you.

    Not everyone is the same, your mileage may vary.
  11. Also, as far as making cannabutter goes, use a crockpot/slowcooker on low temp. It by far is the easiest method I've found for making potent butter. It takes a while (I generally go 8-12 hrs per batch, but I've seen up to 24 hrs for some crockpot methods) to make. Search the boards for details on how to do that shit if you haven't already.

    As far as making sure you don't destroy your butter, a good rule of thumb I've found is to make sure to keep your butter temp under 350 degrees F, as temps above 400 will murder THC and CBD.
  12. sounds like you made a rookie mistake. my friend lost a little over an ounce because he just mixed the weed into the brownie mix. one word for you friend: cannabutter

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