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Am i in trouble?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by actionpander, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. Hey guys I could really appreciate your help and advice on this. 
    \nI am living in a apartment style dorm at my university and today I recieved an email from the housing department about an "incident" that happend on the 19th. However there was no incident at all the RAs came for a saftey check and only found some empty alcohol containers in the common area and asked me to throw them out. 
    \nI do have a bong and I do smoke on ocassion but fan out the window, towel under the door type thing very cautious.. 
    \nNow on the day the RAs did come i went into the bathroom to hide the bong beofre they saw. Nothing of it was mentioned and nothing was confiscated and I didnt get any violation at the time..
    \nJust an email to go talk to the housing lady for drugs. 
    \nAlso I was literally in my room all day no one came in as far as I know.
    \nIs it possible that I smelled like weed and was reported for that? please reply quickly I am super stressed 

  2. What do you expect us to say? First of a bong isn't the best piece for hiding so your just begging to get busted. Second, smoking in your dorm you are begging to get busted. Is it that hard to pack a bowl and go for a walk?
  3. They won't do nothin, they have to catch you in the act

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  4. Just deny, deny, deny. They have no proof, as you say.
  5. just pull the old "oh yeah I smelled weed too, I dont know where it came from but its really grinding my gears" card if they ask you about it
  6. Quit smoking a bong in your dorm room, I mean come on man what are you thinking?  Get a vaporizer or take it outside.
  7. You guys.. it's an apartment-style dorm. Meaning it's an apartment owned by the University and is separate from the main dorms. It's RA is most likely just a guy who lives there and goes up and down the stairs listening for excessive noise twice a day.
    'Apartment dorms' are usually fine to smoke out of. This is probably a routine thing and you'll be fine OP.

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