am i in the right or wrong

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    I fucked my best friends girl.
    they broke up for a few weeks cus he cheated on her, she was leaning on me for support, we became close over weeks, got drunk at the club and one thing led to another. fucked for a week straight  after that, she told me she wanted me to be her bf. then gets back with said bf.
    and hes pissed at me, but is back wit her
    but I don't feel like I did shit

  2. Technically your ok (disregarding whateverthefuck "bro code" is)

    Your friend prly doesn't give a fuck about technicalities tho.

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  3. It's his own fault for getting back together with her, really. Now he's probably going to get jealous and brooding when she's around you and nothing good is gonna happen for either relationship.

    If you care for your bro, just apologize and stay away from this chick.
  4.  Lol she fucked you to get back at him.  You were nothing more than a piece of meat to her.
     Women are pigs, too.
    That about sums it up. 
  6. she's in the wrong. she wanted you to be her man then gets back with the other dude. wtf. if anything, I'd keep an eye on her.
  7. my kind of girl
  8. Lmao why would he get back wit her... You both kinda fucked up but the girl is clearly a hoe.

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  9. fucked em both.
    Get over it. He will if he ain't a jealous bitch. Tell him you ain't even fuck her that hard so she'd come back to him...and then say "that's what bro's do nigga, I kept that bitch from fucking around on you!"
  10. Been there, done it. I'd take it back in hindsight. Dude, your friend needs to get a brain, he cheated, she fucked you, I doubt their relationship has a hope in hell. My advice to him: Find a new woman and actually treat her right, that way all will be avoided.. And my advice to you: dont go for your friends leftovers.. Not classy at all. 
  12. You fucked your best mates bird? what kinda mate are you....
  13. it aint even like that man
  14. u don't cheat on a good woman and not expect anything to happen.
  15. Oh sorry man thts just how i read it.. Bros over hoes! tht shit musta been written on a papyrus somewhere!
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    doesn't feel right tho.
  17. Would he rather you fucked her or some damn stranger? Either way, she wanted some dick. On the flip side the fucking was rather quick after the break-up, but who would have thought they would get together again? :smoke:
    donno man, she still calls me n we chill behind his back.
  19. niceee :metal: :metal:
  20. i feel its not the fact that you fucked her that matters, its more of getting involved with their whole bullshit scenario. 
    he cheated on her, she fucked you, and if your best friend was actually a best friend, and if you are actually his best friend, you would confidently say that shes a trick and it will only get worse for him.... trust me..
    if hes still acting like a bitch then find a new best friend ;)

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