Am i having withdrawal?

Discussion in 'General' started by I Tend to Toke, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Ive been smoking everyday for the past 2 months, and its day 2 without ganj, ive only stopped to see how long i can go, but i feel really tired, pissed at everything and i want to nothing more than to hotbox my car... are these withdrawal syptoms or am i just bitching?
  2. Your probably testy because you haven't put up with life being sober for awhile.
  3. You can take the edge off by exercising. You get those endorphins flowing and your golden. Works every-time~:)
  4. Regardless of what anybody tells you I think halting heavy cannabis use can result in minor withdrawal symptoms. Very minor

    You will be normal after 4-5 days
  5. Yes your withdrawing, but they'll go away in probably a day or two.
  6. Days 2-4 can suck ass, but just keep eating and drinking water and exercising and you'll feel better than ever soon enough.
  7. I like biking after just running out of weed.

    I'm kinda in the same boat now.

    Just ran out of my stash, and I'll have to go a week without.

    But thus, only do the weak willed and unfocused stress during times of strife.

    Take each moment as if they were a puzzle and take the time to solve it.

    Focus past the frustrations and move forward, with compassion and understanding.

    You'll make it through this, just as I will, just as we all may.
  8. I dont think your going through withdraw, It's just different as you are not smoking. You need to develop a physical dependence on something to have withdrawal, and in my experience marijuana is not addictive.

  9. I woudnt consider everyday smoking for 2 months to be heavy use, imo

  10. Withdrawal constitutes any unpleasant affect from stopping a substance. That means trouble sleeping, irritability, loss of appetite, up to puking, aches and pains, cold chills and sweating.
  11. I can not agree with either of these posts.

    For the first one, withdrawals range widely all depending upon what kind of compounds your body has been introduced to.

    Each one may/may not cause symptoms and side effects to occur after prolonged usage (yes, 2 months of everyday use falls under this), followed by a period of abstaining.

    THC does cause a few physical symptoms, but are highly minor when compared to most recreational drugs with addictive characteristics.

    The big issue with taking "tolerance breaks" is the series of short-lived psychological withdrawal symptoms that occur.

    Those tend to be the most aggressive, annoying of the two when not smoking bud.

    If you don't believe me, check erowid under the effects.
  12. Maybe I should have worded that differently, it may just be how I view things, I guess to some people there can be withdrawal symptoms but IMO very minor. Ive smoked weed pretty much everyday for the last 5-6 years, yet I can still not smoke for a certain period and not experience any withdrawal. I dont get irritable, i dont get stressed, I just don't smoke, its just weed.;) When I think of withdrawal I think of someone stopping Heroin, where there is actually more of a physical withdrawal ( throwing up, etc).

    To each his own though, not trying to argue
  13. thats not withdraw at all, its just impulses your having because you are bored.
  14. Dog I start going through withdrawal after like 8 hours of sobriety.
  15. Dude, imagine when you wake up every morning you have coffee. You wake up and have coffee every morning for 2 months. Then one morning you wake up and you don't have coffee, you're going to want coffee.

    I forget where I was going with that and I don't feel like typing. Too much stoned.

  16. I didn't say it was. I was just making a statement that I thought was somewhat relevant to the subject at hand

  17. The way you said it sort of makes it sound like you did. Just with the added you will be normal after 4-5 days, makes it sound like it coincides with your original statement of being heavy cannabis use. Sry for the mixup.

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